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That Halmstad is “the city of three hearts,” as well as a famous summer city is known among the sweds. Formerly a Danish settlement, Halmstad got its first city rights in 1307, and became Swedish in 1645. A ribbon of salty beaches from the eastern parts of the city to Tylösand, has made Halmstad to all of Sweden’s bath tub. Add to that the music flowing from the city centre, from Tylösand and from all the local bars and clubs. If you’d rather enjoy a picnic there are many places to choose between. Nature is just around the corner and it is easy to move around in, try for example, a walk along the Prins Bertil foot path or a bike ride – the city’s net of bicycle lanes is extensive. Halmstad has a wide range of cultural events and there is always something interesting to do. Museums and all kinds of exhibitions as well as the historic city centre itself. Why not go for an evening walk along the picturesque Vallgatan? In Halmstad, nothing is too far away and there is always something happening! From the Look-out Tower, you get a fantastic view over the town, its surroundings and the sparkling water in the Bay of Laholm.
There is always something to do in Halmstad and the schedule includes theatre, sports, culture, art, history, nature, festivals, etc. There’s also lots of different art around Halmstad. Get an art map from the tourist office and set off around the city as your own guide. If you want to swing a club then there are ten golf courses to choose from in the Golfing Capital of Halmstad. Take a dip at one of the city’s many beaches, visit the flagship beach of Tylösand, or find your own favourite bay. Nature is constantly around us with wide-ranging moorland, forests, rocky slopes and thundering waterfalls. Experience one of our nature reserves on foot, bike or why not by canoe? As you will see there’s something for everyone in Halmstad – now it’s time to find your favourite.
There is Always something going on in Halmsad, with a varied programme of culture, music, theatre, sports, festivals, art etc. During the summer you get the opportunity to sing-along at Galgberget and dance to an orchestra at Västerhagen dance arena. Halmstads theatre offers a wide range of theatre shows and gatecrash performances. Halmstad Arena is host to big events as in sport, show, fair and congress. Take a look at our events calendar at to find the event for you.
Golf is big in Halmstad. Each year tens of thousands of golfers descend on Halmstad to enjoy wonderful rounds of golf in diverse, naturally beautiful environments. There are golf packages for the entire family and a total of six 18-hole Courses one of the best training facilities in the world and several pay and play options. Several of them are just a stone's throw from the west coast and Sweden's most popular sandy beach, Tylösand. Halmstad has so much more to offer beyond golf clubs, with its wide range of countryside, culture and nightlife. All adventures are within easy reach – even the most difficult green. Welcome to Sweden's Capital of Golf!
There is art everywhere in Halmstad – in all forms: Art museums, exhibition halls, public art and galleries. Get your art map at the Tourist Office and become your own cicerone, or join us on a guided art walk of the town or one of the guided tours of the museum.
The highly-rated salmon from Halmstad is a well-established culinary reality. Now that there is a wider range of food it has acquired competition from sushi and other influences. Local produce undeniably makes its mark on the food tradition with a local brewery and bakery. You’ll find the most popular restaurants in the town centre along the pedestrians streets and promenades in Tylösand. Find out more about the range of restaurants in Halmstad at:
In Halmstad you can have a Swedish ”fika” on a range of cosy coffee houses, you find them on:
The party pulse attracts many people all year round in the home town of Roxette. Many bars and nightclubs offer house band and concerts. Every summer trendy clubs open in the city and in Tylösand. The party atmosphere is high and it starts in the afternoon in the bars in the city centre and at the After beach on Solgården in Tylösand – which is a classic event!
In the city centre everything is in your reach, that’s why a lot of people like to come here to shop. Stora Torg has a market that is well-worth a visit and is the main hub, where you find services as pharmacy, systembolaget, and banking. The city gots plenty of small personal and different shops, from fashion to culinary specialities, either exclusive or second hand, just stroll and discover in peace and quiet, according to your own taste. Don’t miss Drottning Kristina Passagen, Fredsgatan and Norra vägen, they are also shopping streets well worth a visit. Step out into the countryside and find lovely country stores or visit one of our shopping centres. You will find most of the shops at:
Distances in Halmstad are short. You can easily get around by bike or bus, or why not stroll along one of the many long-distance footpaths? In the city centre you find all necessary service: bank, exchange offices, pharmacy, food stores, hotels, restaurants, hospital etc. Halmstad is strategically located, in the middle of the west coast. The E6 motorway, which skirts the outside of the city, will take you to Copenhagen/Malmö or Göteborg/Oslo. The Öresund link train and other trains travel through the city and Halmstad City Airport is just 10 minutes away. Welcome to Halmstad!
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