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Gotland’s exciting history is what makes magic. People have been coming here since the stone age. The Vikings set out from here on their trading voyages and kings fought to be able to say the island was theirs. Pirates harried its shores, merchants brought their peerless ware here and erected imposing houses. People of every period have left their traces, alive and visible to this day!As soon as you approach the island of Gotland, you notice the unique environment: dramatic cliffs and miles of beaches facing the ocean, which is sometimes stormy, sometimes calm. Regardless of the weather, you leave your stress behind and feel calm. The barrenness and simplicity overwhelms, the mind opens up to new impressions. In this beautiful calm, far from noise of the big city, you receive inspiration and strength for new ideas and thoughts.Another year, another list of great reasons to visit Gotland. Unique scenery and culture, fascinating history, fabulous shopping and activities to blow your mind. A superb climate and mouthwatering cuisine create magical memories to think back on when everyday life seems dreary and you long for something different, relaxing, inspirational and fun. More and more, visitors are finding their Gotland outside the summer season. Many of them come here in the spring, autumn and winter for particular events. It might be to compete in the Gotland Grand National – the world’s biggest enduro event – to go on a truffle safari, or to visit Ingmar Bergman’s Fårö. Or maybe it’s to savour the early vegetables at Primör-Premiären, to attend a meeting in the world heritage city of Visby, or to walk on the beach and feel energized by lungfuls of fresh air. There’s so much of Gotland to enjoy year-round. You’ll discover a different island, that’s for sure, but one that’s perhaps even more magical.
Gotland is perhaps best known for its sea stacks, which originates from a time when Gotland was located near the equator. Much has happened since then but sea stacks stands there still, proud and strong monuments from a past era. The world heritage site of Visby is another obvious point on the to-do list, both as an attraction in itself but also as a backdrop to the bustling street life. This is obviously just a small sample of what the island has to offer but it’s a good start. Additionally, you will surely find further adventures along the way.
Gotland is a place for summer holiday with sun and sea , but also a place for leisurely disruption of everyday life during autumn, winter and spring. A place for excursions , discoveries and adventures. Or energy when you need to relax and renew your strength .The experiences of Gotland are many. Let yourself be inspired by what this beautiful island has to offer.
Gotland is often said to have the highest density of restaurants, bars and cafés in all of Sweden. All over the island there are about 20 restaurants that are included in the prestigious White Guide.
Visby's many outdoor cafés blossom early in the spring. And the mild maritime climate enables them to remain open longer in autumn. Most life and activity revolves around Stora Torget and the guest harbour. There you can enjoy good food and drink while watching the boats and other happy holidaymakers. All under the open sky, or an awning if the sun beams too brightly.
Gotland design and form have often been acclaimed at home and abroad. You can choose from a broad array of unique products, something for every taste from small potters and glassblowers to concrete, wool, leather and textile designers. Most artisans open their doors to visitors and gladly show how they work. Throughout the year and all across the island, signs along the road point the way to studios and farm shops.
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