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Blekinge is one of Sweden's provinces, situated in the south part of the country. It's the second smallest province but offers a rich palette of experiences. Blekinge is often called Sweden in miniature just because the rich variety, where nature and the archipelago are constantly present. Here you will find open landscapes, forests, oceans, islands, lakes, and so much more. Welcome to enjoy Blekinge and all the things it has to offer.
Blekinge has an archipelago beyond compare, over 800 islands to discover. You can step ashore almost anywhere you wish. Enjoy all the farm shops, micro-breweries, and vineyards, artisanal crafts and small businesses working with unique events and experiences. You need never to be idle unless you choose just to relax. Enjoy the countryside with lakes and wild forests. You can try out one of the world's best pike fishing areas; you can see the inside of a submarine or see European bison at the great Eriksberg, enjoy wonderful jazz music in Hällevik or be a part of the revelry at the Sweden Rock Festival.
Blekinge has eight well-managed challenging, forgiving and beautiful golf courses with their unique character. All of the courses can present a real challenge for both professionals and amateurs. It all depends on how you choose to play them. The courses that form a part of the unique Sweden's golf coast are all close to each other. You can start the week playing on a coastal course, before moving on to parkland courses in a forest, or by fields and meadows. And also Blekinge geographical location makes it possible to play golf all year round.
Blekinge is like the sea; with you every step of the way along the coastline. Mighty rivers, bubbling brooks, calm lakes, even when covered with ice. Try out exciting water slides and relaxing hot tubs with cold and warm water, untamed and peaceful. Be yourself and find activities and experiences that will make you happy and will make you feel alive. Things do not have to be incredibly fast or loud to make an impression and stick to your memory. Relaxing moments can be just as valuable. Experience the lush archipelago, the World Heritage Site, the medieval towns, and the white sandy beaches. Feel the sun on your skin, taste the food and drinks. Be enchanted by Blekinge, the wilderness, and the water.
Whether you like action or prefer peace and quiet, you will feel welcome in Blekinge. Here you can enjoy great music, the city pulse, learn more about our history and technology as well as just relax by a quiet lake and listen to the birds. You can experience our wild animals up close or maybe visit the more exotic ones at a distance. You can bath and play in waterparks or take a boat trip in our beautiful archipelago. Your imagination sets the limits!
Come along to a town party, rock out at a music festival, feast on culture or go a bit crazy on a swimrun competition or outdoor experience. Get set for an enjoyable summer in Blekinge. Sportcompetitions, large events, concerts, and exhibitions are just some of all the fun, no matter the season. You find both large and small events right in the city center, by the sea and in hotels and restaurants. There is something for everyone.
Do you fancy something tasty, new or exciting? Then you've come to the right place. Blekinge has a whole range of taste experiences to offer. Indulge yourself and try some unusual spices, the beer that best enjoyed in a cognac glass, or mayonnaise that feels like a kiss. Why not try out a specialty, Kroppkakor, which is a dish that is available in different variations along the coast. It's a comprising a potato-based dough with baked pork and onions or another filling.
The cafes in Blekinge have a passion for locally produced food, and they transform it to new exciting taste sensations in their pure joy to explore and innovate new dishes. You find farm shops and cafes with home baked and delicious cakes, lighter versions of lunch, salad or filled baguettes. In Sweden, we have a tradition called "fika," it's a cultural concept which means to have a cup of coffee, accompanied with pastries or sandwiches.
Blekinge, located close to nature, sea, and shopping. It's easy to de-stress, enjoy experiences, events in combination with food, shopping and lazy moments in the sun. Five cities, all with its character that combines the small independent shops with modern department stores and malls. All those ingredients within walking distance.
Finding your dream camping and caravan site is easy. You can camp by the sea with the city just a short walk away. Or you may find a sweet spot by a lake where you can paddle your canoe. There are a perfect camping and caravan site for every fishers, festival-goer, Culture enthusiast or golfer. Pick and choose from the 20 great camping and caravan sites you can find and create a holiday feeling with both pause and pulse.
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