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In addition to skiing, there are lots of other activities to choose from such as paragliding and kite flying, helicopter tours, dog teams, scooter tours, canoeing, hunting, fishing, riding and white-water rafting.
Åre offers, without doubt, one of the best skiing experiences in the Nordic countries with a vertical drop of 890 meters, 40 lifts and around 100 pistes. Those who want to experience those pristine slopes well into the Swedish mountain world ​​can book on a heli-skiing-tour, with guides who will take you to the day’s best peaks, show the correct technique and take you down the slopes safely. There are several different types of lift passes in the area. Children under 8 years ski for free provided that they wear a helmet. All 40 lifts are included in the Åre ski lift pass, from Duved in the west to Åre Björnen in the east. The first lifts open as early as possible in November, and after that the system opens up gradually depending on the amount of snow. The season is expected to last until May 1st. For more information, see or call +46 771 84 00 00. For those who don’t have much experience, there is of course a ski school in Åre. See for up-to-date information. Skiers have seven rental shops and equipment can be picked out already at 15.00 the day before the rental starts. Reservations can be made online at
When in Sweden, make sure you experience a real Swedish massage! The Swedish massage was developed by a doctor named Per Henrik Ling in the beginning of the 19th century. After being influenced by a Chinese martial arts and Tuina, practitioner Per came up with the techniques that became the Swedish massage (petrissage, effleurage, friction, tapotement and vibration). A deep tissue massage made for relieving muscle tension and increase blood flow. There are several establishments offering assorted treatments and spa packages whether it be facials, body treatments - or why not get a make up consultation before the evening activities? It is customary to wear a swimsuit when at a spa. As a visitor you can also take the opportunity to work out while on your stay. Since Swedes are very health conscious and enjoy various types of fitness and training you can find a range of different fitness centers, sport facilities and health clubs, depending on your preference.
Åre is famous for its fantastic nightlife, and with more than 30 bars and nightclubs and masses of visitors up for a party it is hardly a surprise. You will find many of the bars and clubs at Åre’s hotels. There is often a restaurant connected to the bar or club, which means that you can spend an entire evening at the same place. Åre is also well-known for its superb After Ski, and several bars offer top-class After Ski. Due to its reputation as a party town, some of Sweden’s major artists often visit Åre.
As Sweden’s answer to the Alps’ trendy ski resorts, Åre is naturally also a mecca for shopaholics. The village’s trendy shops have everything you would expect to find in other Swedish towns and in the Continental ski resorts. A visit to the glassworks in Duved is a must. All the glass that is sold here is designed and blown in this magical environment. Åre Glassworks is located on Stinsvägen 12, in Duved. Go to for more information or phone +46 647 260 70. If you are after Sami handicrafts you should visit Åre Hemslöjd, situated in the 100-year-old Köpmanshuset on Åre Torg, Årevägen 87. Here you will find everything from games, cuddly toys, jewellery, leather goods, ceramics, art and Sami handicrafts – the perfect shop if you are looking for that special wedding gift or christening present. Go to for more information or phone +46 647 501 30.
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