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With so much to do, our top five will set the pace for your holiday.
In this perfect location close to the sea, forests and hills, enjoying life is easy, every day! The river Rönne runs through the town centre and enters the sea in Skälderviken, adding to the pleasant atmosphere. Six kilometres of sandy beaches, the Kronoskogen forest and the picturesque town centre are other appealing features of Ängelholm. The town was founded by Danish king Christian II in 1516 and started attracting large numbers of tourists at the beginning of the 20th century, when one of Sweden’s first urban summer residential areas – Ängelholms Havsbad – was planned and built here. Ängelholm is charming both to visit and live in and it has its share of celebrities, like singer Jill Johnsson, former NHL player Kenny Jönsson and food creator Rickard Nilsson.
A paradise for active people, Ängelholm's coastline, forests and country roads are all made for hiking or riding your bike along them. Go on a day trip or stay overnight - you can find out about our different package deals and buy a map at the Tourist Centre. One popular bike route is 16 km long Lergöksrundan, which passes through the city and forest and follows the coast. Scenic hiking trails On the Hallandsåsen ridge, above the Västersjön lake, several hiking trails will take you through unspoilt countryside and past historical remains. Why not pack something to cook over an open fire along the way? Skåneleden, a system of hiking trails all over Skåne, also passes through Ängelholm. The Ängelholm – Vejbystrand leg of the hike is accompanied by sandy dunes, rocky stretches of coast and small marinas. A campsite with a permanent shelter can be found north of Vejbystrand. Relaxing swimming in the sea or in a cool lake Towards the end of the 19th century, Ängelholm became a famous spa and bath resort. Along the vast beach, there is plenty of room for everyone to find their favourite spot. Ängelholms Havsbad in the innermost part of the Skälderviken bay is a six km long beach suitable for swimming, with a unique landscape of tall sand dunes. In Sibirien, dogs and horses are allowed in the water. Dogs are also allowed on the smaller beach north of the harbour inlet. One stretch of the beach has been set aside for naturists. The popular village of Skälderviken has a small marina with a pub and a marine store. Vejbystrand and Magnarp have their own small harbours, and at the Hyltabryggan jetty in Björkhagen, you will find Skälderviken’s underwater snorkelling trail, where you can learn about the species that inhabit the bay. Västersjön is a nice lake for swimming, particularly at Ugglehult, where you will find jetties and a rowing boat for wheelchair users. Exciting canoeing Enjoy an unforgettable visit to the river Rönne. Bring along your family or friends on an exciting canoeing trip along the river which runs through Ängelholm and enters the sea in Skälderviken. Set your own pace. Should you wish to camp along the way, there is a great campsite with a shelter, public toilet and freshwater at Höja. An angler’s paradise Ängelholm is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The river Rönne is one of four rivers in Skåne with salmon, but perch, roach, pike and sea trout will also bite. The river Vege and the Västersjön lake are also popular with anglers. You will need a fishing permit, which can be purchased from the Tourist Centre, among others.
Ängelholm is a town with many special events. Several festivals are held, including Sweden’s largest dance festival Ekebofestivalen, music Festival, the Festival of lights on The Rönneå River. Summer comedies and children’s theatre are held throughout the summer in Homsteads Park and in the churches. Sweden’s only Clay cuckoo Orchestra and Marching Band plays on Midsummer Eve and on some Saturdays in July on Stortorget square. Here you can find a current list of events:
Sweden’s no. 1 golf destination. Ängelholm is located in the second area with the most golf courses in the world. Within a 40 minutes’ drive, there are 25 golf clubs and 31 golf courses. Only Florida can boast more golf courses! The courses range from coast to inland and their difficulty ratings vary so that there is something for every type of player. Weather permitting, you can play all year round.
Food is a great way to enjoy life and in Ängelholm there are many ways to regale your taste buds, whether it is rustic Swedish fare or international cuisine you are after. Try a genuine regional smorgasbord, delicacies fresh from the sea or Spanish tapas. To Swedes, the morning and afternoon coffee break is verging on sacred and in Ängelholm there are many places to have a nice cup of tea or coffee; from pleasant country cafés to trendy coffee bars. A hot waffle from the Hembygdsparken café is also sure to hit the spot! As evening descends, several bars and night clubs in the town centre throw open their doors. There is also a grand dance palace just outside Ängelholm, where you can boogie the night away.
Chill out at a café! At Ängelholm´s cafés you can enjoy a taste of Sweden as it used to be: cinnamon buns, almond-paste mazarins, hazelnut Budapest cake rolls and Napoleon and Princess cakes bursting with whipped cream. If you are more the trendy type the downtown area has espresso bars, often with giant muffins on the menu, as well as ciabatta, bagels and foccacia with international flavors.
Ängelholm’s town centre is a great place for meeting people. The neighbourhood around the pedestrian zone has always been the natural venue for town life and trade to people from the region. The river Rönne hugs an exciting mix of specialised boutiques offering niche products, alongside famous high-street names. The variety here is enough to whet the appetite of any shopper! But there is so much more to the town centre than just shops. Stretch your legs on a scenic river walk, or sit down at one of the many cafés and restaurants. You can also see a film at the cinema, visit an art exhibition or just enjoy urban life – it’s all available in Ängelholm. An authentic small-town shopping experience Stroll along the cobbled streets and pop into the different shops as the fancy takes you. Everything you need and more can be found in town. If your legs go weary, just sit down for a while in one of the cosy cafés or inviting restaurants. Brännborn Center – the north commercial area Just outside the town centre, you will find the commercial area Brännborn Center. With more than 30 shops and 1,400 free parking spaces, it’s just that little bit closer, more convenient and better value for money. The stores and supermarkets here complement the unique shopping in town nicely. Farm shops When it comes to finding farm produce and country products, Ängelholm is hard to beat with its great variety of farm shops and retail outlets. You can get your very own hand-blown glassware or candles in the colours of the rainbow, but there are also antiquities, fruit and vegetables, potatoes, flowers and much more. Ängelholm was approved as a Fairtrade City in the spring 2010.
Easy to get to. Thanks to easy access to European motorways E6, E4 and E20, as well as great train and bus services to the town centre, getting to Ängelholm is easy, and so is finding your way around while you are here. The Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport is 7 km away from the town centre and currently offers both domestic and international flights.
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