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Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians left their mark in the city along more than 2,000 years of history. The Baroque grandiosity can be admired in the Basilica del Pilar; Aljafería Palace, the most northerly Arab Palace in Europe, magnificent examples of aragonese Mudéjar art, a World Heritage Site; the height of the Gothic period can be seen in the Cathedral of San Salvador… From the paintings of Goya to the latest expressions of urban painting, from the Roman Theatre to contemporary dance, from centenarian retail establishments to alternative approaches to retailing can be found in the city. After the 2008 International Exposition “Water and sustainable development”, Zaragoza has emerged as an innovative city with modern and renovated infrastructures. Art, theatre, tapas, concerts, shopping, design, history, the banks of the Ebro river, … Zaragoza has a lot to offer.
If you are coming to Zaragoza, here you have the main tourist attractions you can not miss in your visit!
Throughout the year, Zaragoza is the centre of varied and intense cultural activity. Festivals such as Asalto, the International Urban Art one and Trayectos, for the contemporary dance in urban landscapes are an international reference point. The most important celebration in the city are Las Fiestas del Pilar, which took place in October, the city triples its population – estimated at 700,000 people – and hosts more than 500 cultural and recreational events enjoyed by locals and visitors. The Semana Santa (holy Week) of Zaragoza has more than 700 years of history and was declared of international tourist interest. The heart of the city provides a master formula for fun, history and culture. Zaragoza is lived and enjoyed in the streets. Besides, the city counts on a plenty of leisure activities in the former Expo site, such as the largest river Aquarium in Europe or in the Water Park.
The gastronomy is based on excellent products, some with denomination of origin such as the lamb, the Teruel ham, olive oil, wines… It combines tradition and innovation. The gastronomic offer of the city includes restaurants and a great variety of bars, cafés where to enjoy the typical “tapas”. Several gastronomic festivals or gastronomic tours.
In Zaragoza, there is a great range of cultural events that take place all year long. Therefore, on visiting Zaragoza, it is worthwhile setting apart time for enjoying its varied cultural programme. Theatres such as the Principal, the Theatre of the Mercado, the Theatre of the Estación and the Theatre of Las esquinas, dozens of concert halls and even the last Singing Café remaining in Europe, El Plata, together with International Urban Painting Festivals such as Asalto or Trayectos. As the cutting edge of the most exported and dearest Zaragoza are the Fiestas del Pilar, which are celebrated in October in the streets fervently. Another festivity that can not be missed is the Holy Week, declared as an International Tourist Interest.
Zaragoza is an ideal Spanish tourist destination for a holiday for all the family, a source of entertainment, culture and fun for visitors. Theatres with exclusive programming for children, an Amusement Park, the largest River Aquarium in Europe, museum activities, a Water Park with a plenty of leisure activities for kids or a unique centre in Europe dedicated to origami make Zaragoza a perfect place for the family to enjoy together.
If you are a shopping-lover, Zaragoza is a perfect destination for you!! Small shops with years of history, special stores, shopping centres, department stores,... You will find everything you are looking for!. Shop opening hours tend to be from 10 am to 1:30-2 pm and from 4:30-5:00 pm to 8-9 pm. Department stores are open all day from 10 am to 9 pm and they are usually open at lunchtime. Most of the shops open on Saturdays.
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