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Miguel Hernández Gilabert was born in Orihuela on Sunday 30th October 1910 on Calle San Juan. He was the son of Miguel Hernández Sánchez, a livestock dealer, and Concepción Gilabert Giner. The couple had seven children, of whom from survived: Vicente, Elvira, Miguel and Encarnación. He studied in the Ave María schools attached to Santo Domingo College and in the college itself until he had to abandon the studies (1925) owing to the family's financial constraints. During those years he helped his father in the racing activities and wrote his first poems. His first poem was published in 1930 in El Pueblo de Orihuela. In 1931 he made his first collection of poems, Perito en Lunas (Expert in Moons). In 1934 heh travesees for the second time to Madrid, where he met Vicente Aleixandre and Pablo Neruda among other authors. He published the passions play Quien te ha visto y quien te ve y la sober de lo que eras (if only they could see you now and shadow of who you were) In 1936 he published El rayo que no cesa (Unceasing Lightning). That same year he voluntarily enlisted in the Republican militia. In 1937 he contacted civil marriage with Josefina Manresa, and in December of that year his first child was born, Manuel Ramón, who died at the age oh ten months. In 1939 saw the birth of his second son. Manuel Miguel, who inspired the acclaimed "Nanas de la cebolla" (Lullaby of the Onion) when he was already in prison. In January 1940 he was sentenced to death, a sentence which was commuted six months later to thirty years in prison. He was jailed and transferred to several prisons until in 1941 he was admitted to the Alicante Reformatory for Adults, his las jail, where he died of tuberculosis on 28th March 1942
LANDSCAPES Orihuela's natural surroundings make the area highly attractive to nature lovers, who will delight in the numerous paths and walks, the options to do in the numerous paths and walks, the option to do sport and to discover the cultural heritage. FESTIVALS AND CUISINE The Holy Week, decelerated as an Internationally Significant Event, brings to the streets a blend of devotion, music, art and passion. July bring the festival of the Reconquest recently declarated Nationally Significant Event and in February, the Medieval Market, one of the largest in Spain.
MUSEUMS & MONUMENTS Orihuela has a lot of artistic and histórical heritage. Its tradition, its museums, churches, palaces and monuments have turned this city into a place of great cultural interest. THE VEGETABLE PLANTATIONS OF ORIHUELA Orihuela is a quintessential farming region. Its fertile lands have been worked by different cultures throughout its history. BEACHES Our beaches are recognized and accredited with the official certificates os the organizations and the institution that supervise and control quality criteria. Blue Flags, "Q" tourist quality certificates, SICTED distinctions, Qualitur Flags, Quality and Environment ISOs... GOLF Orihuela has the best and most important golf courses in the Mediterranean: A total of 90 holes in its five excellent courses of international renown, home to major European tournaments. VILLAMARTÍN GOLF COURSES, LAS RAMBLAS GOLF CLUB, CAMPOAMOR ROYAL GOLF CLUB, LAS COLINAS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB AND VISTABELLA GOLF.


In may 1976, a great wavw arrived in Orihuela, coming from many parts of the world this was the tribute to Miguel Hernández. An actual "cultural spring" bloomed in the plazas and streets of the city, particularly in Barrio San Isidro, reviving the life and the work of the poet- To that historic birthplace came painters, writers and musicians, set in the context of difficult tiomes and uncertain transition, reclaming the freedom that had been absent from lives. It was an event that still remains recorded in collective memory, not only of the passionate Hernández devotees, but of everyone who defended democratic freedom. In that time of hope, doubt and anxiety culture elevated the spirit of the people. More than thirty five years have passes and to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the poer's death, on the 28th March, 2012, the Culture Department of Orihuela Ayuntamiento, in collaboration with many involved in the cultural life of Orihuela, undertook the task of restoring the murals in Barrio San Isidro; once again covering the walls of the houses with murals with echoes of profound cultural and political significance. More than a hundred painters took part in this collaborative project, telling their stories on 43 walls, including some who were there in 1976 (Pepe Azorín, Nicasio Cañaveras and Joan Castejon), people from the Barrio San Isidro, primary and secondary trachers and their pupils, a group of disabled people; a true exercise in citizen participation. The proyect involved people working together with paintbrushes and rollers to essentially recreate the life and work of Miguel Hernández who died defending freedom and his belief in a just world. The result can be viewed in the streets of Camino Viejo de Oriolet, Chopo, Acacia, Tomillo, San Isidro Labrador, Sauce, Algarrobo and Almendro; here you will find an open air gallery and museum, decorated with 53 murals of many colours and the green and ochre of the Sierra de Orihuela. You are invited to take this cultural and artistic journey through Barrio San Isidro, retracing the footsteps of the poet Miguel Hernández.

The produce from the land and sea, cooked over a low flame, turn our grandmother' recipes into works of art and culture. Our most traditional cuisine includes dishes such as cocido con pelotas (both with meatballs), arroz de los tres pumas (rice stew with three types of pulses), rice with vegetables, with rabbit, with shellfish and lots more. Salted fish features in typical local dishes and the area is renowned for its quality sausages. We mustn't forget the local artisan sweets, where a legacy of Arabic origin is zealously guarded in the enclosed convents and will not fail to impress visitors: zamarras, pasteles de Gloria, merengues, tarta de Santa Clara almond cake... Orihuela offers a complete and varied range of restaurants where you can enjoy these succulent dishes.
In Orihuela there are a great variety of shops, where you can find all the things you can need. From shoes, clothes (for women, men, children), even evening dresses, to food, electrical household appliances, furniture, opticians, toy shops, photography, tobacconist's, greengrocer's, newsagent's, computers, baker's, cars, sport shops, florist's shops, travel agencies, ice-cream palou, hairdresser's...and so on. Come to Orihuela and you will enjoy throughout the town by going shopping. And do not forget any of our shopping centres!!!


1. ORIHUELA LOS HUERTOS MARKET Celebration day: TUESDAY Approximate number of positions: 300 positions Approximate area: 3,800 m2 Location: Urban helmet, Los Huertos campus, Avda. Dr. Gómez Pardo Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 2. ORIHUELA PASEO MARKET Celebration day: TUESDAY and FRIDAY Approximate number of positions: 20 positions Approximate area: 200 m2 Location: Casco urbano, Paseo Calvo Sotelo Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 3. ORIHUELA-COSTA MARKET Celebration day: SATURDAY Approximate number of positions: 350 positions Approximate surface: 4.000 m2 Location: Orihuela-costa, Playa Flamenca, C /. Nicolás de Bussi Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 4. ORIHUELA CENTRO MARKET Celebration day: SATURDAY Approximate number of posts: 100 posts Approximate surface: 1,200 m2 Location: Casco Urbano, surroundings Andenes and Glorieta Gabriel Miró Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 5. CAMPOAMOR MARKET Celebration day: THURSDAY Approximate number of positions: 220 positions Approximate area: 2,500 m2 Location: Orihuela-Costa, Campoamor, surroundings Urb. Aguamarina Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 6. LA MURADA MARKET Celebration day: SUNDAY Approximate number of positions: 250 positions Approximate area: 2,500 m2 Location: La Murada, C /. The Plaza and adjacent Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 7. LA APARECIDA MARKET Celebration day: SUNDAY Approximate number of positions: 50 positions Approximate area: 750 m2 Location: La Aparecida, C /. Road Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 8. SAN BARTOLOME MARKET Celebration day: TUESDAY Approximate number of positions: 40 positions Approximate surface: 500 m2 Location: San Bartolomé, Avda. Constitución Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 9. DESAMPARADOS MARKET Celebration day: THURSDAY Approximate number of positions: 30 Approximate area: 350 m2 Location: C /. Queen Sofia and C /. Jose Antonio Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 10. TORREMENDO MARKET Celebration day: MONDAY Approximate number of posts: 20 Approximate area: 240 m2 Location: C /. Federation Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours 11. LA CAMPANETA MARKET Celebration day: MONDAY Approximate number of positions: 14 Approximate area: 170 m2 Location: C /. Chamomile Opening hours: from 9.00 to 14.00 hours

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