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The beauty of the image of Mojácar, a majestic melting pot of a cluster of white houses, clinging to the very end of the Sierra de Cabrera foothills. Every corner you turn captivates, reminds you of its Arab history and teaches you about the everyday lives of the townspeople. It is not without good reason that the Old Town is internationally recognized as “One of the most beautiful villages in Spain”. And, from the viewing points, you can enjoy the most beautiful horizons, both towards the sea and inland
The church : was built at the end of the 16th Century (1560) over the remains of an earlier mosque, the works initiated by the stonemason Sebastian Segura. Converted to Christian use following the Reconquest, the building served both as a religious centre and as a defensive fortress. Standing out is the simplicity of its interior, which houses a beautiful and significant 1960s fresco, a work by an itinerant artist. The church’s altarpiece was lost during events in the Civil War. Its small collection of religious images includes those of San Agustín and Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the village’s two patron saints. The city´s gate: This is the original access to Mojácar. The gate we can see today was rebuilt in the 16th century on the site of the original Arab gate. It opened out onto the hill that led to the fountain and Plaza del Caño. It boasts the city Ðs coat of arms and the two-headed eagle of the house of Austria. The Plaza Nueva viewpoint: This plaza is undoubtedly the centre of life in Mojácar. Full of atmosphere and life, it is the ideal spot to begin our visit, or to simply sit or to watch the sun go down. From the viewpoint you can see over the large valley bordered by the Cabrera, Bédar and Almagrera mountains. Right in front we can see the bed of the Aguas, the river which flows past Mojácar La Vieja (the former site of Mojácar) before coming out into the lagoon. Pirulico´s tower ( At the beach area)
Family entertainment Surrounded by the Sierra de Cabrera, Mojácar it is recognised as a quality family holiday destinatiion not just for its beaches but also its cuisines, its playful vitality and its services, while still preserving the sprit of a town steeped in history. If you choose Mojácar for your family holiday, you will have the oportunity to swin in the blue water of the Mediterranean, immerse yourself in the history of an ancient Village, party savety at night and watch the children having fun or enjoying a lot of posibilities during the day. Mojácar offers children´s play areas, safety guides, children´s areas in restaurants, child menus, and tourist information throughout the town complete and offer that focuses on family well-being. Holtel buildings and infraestructure are extensive and comfortable: large and small hotels, apartments, campsites and hostels. Mojácar´s cuisine offer its exquisite seafood or typical dishes , cooked using top quality local ingredients. Everything to turn your stay in Mojácar into the perfect holiday for the whole family.
Mojácar’s 17 kilometres of coast stretch from Marina de la Torre (in front of the golf course) on the border with Garrucha, to the Granatilla dry river bed in the impressively pretty outlying Sopalmo, just a few kilometres from the beginning of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park andthe border with the municipality of Carboneras. Visitors can find virgin beaches, ideal for the most solitary, as well as more touristy beaches with numerous services. Awarded European Union Blue Flags or the subject of quality plans, the fine sandy beaches are the most popular with families, where there is the offer of a range of leisure activities and all services are available: the beaches of Marina de la Torre, El Descargador, El Cantal, Cuevadel Lobo, Las Ventanicas and Venta del Bancal, among others. Depending on seasonal changes, tides and winds, there may be some variation in the beaches and sea access incline. Bathing season runs from 15th June to 15th September. During this period the lifeguard service operates daily from 11:00am-7:30pm. Outside this season there are no lifeguard and rescue services.
NATIONAL CUISINE Currently, when the traveler arrives at Mojácar, discover the diversity and quality dining restaurants and bars. A quality that has not been given, but won the day. For some time this part of gastronomy in Mojacar, has taken a quantum leap of great significance. The presence in the kitchens of increasingly well-trained professionals, contributed to this momentum. Mojacar has a very competent hotel school, which trains young people throughout the region. Aware of the importance of maintaining the culinary legacy, we maintain an authentic taste of the dishes and stews simple comforted appetite in the past, and that are longed for and sought after by many of our visitors. Among them are the gurullos, balls stews, broth, pepper, crumbs, rice stews or couscous, fruit of our Andalusian heritage.Mojacar is a resort town, and we must not forget that the food, not only a vital need in the travel experience, but a motivation or stimulation thereof. It is the work of all the food and general restoration in our municipality, consolidated as an attractive differentiator of our destination. Today we know that certain tastes and customs have changed, the culinary influences from other regions are being felt, and the presence of new products has come to establish itself as raw material substantially certain dishes. You walk into a modern kitchen, modern and very elaborate, but always with the common denominator and the presence of products of the earth. Our location along the Mediterranean Sea, the high quality of the vegetables, Almeria, oils etc in our region. Are, among others, precious treasures turned into tasty dishes. Among the most common fish in the area, was to highlight the cock pedro, which is delicious grilled or fried, the skewers (grilled fish, skewer inserted mode) of sardines or mackerel, squid or grilled Roman, or breaded anchovies in vinegar sauce cuttlefish, octopus in vinegar or prawn exquisite Garrucha. Other fish are rich suitors, mullet and pompano. These dishes are a great traveling companion, such as Almeria amazing wines and more care. Wines competing in the market between the best and reap rewards. Gastronomy in Mojácar today When a visitor arrives in Mojácar today, they inmediately notice the diversity and quality of the menus in the restaurants and bars, a quality which was not handed to us, but which rather was inherited and which has been elaborated on over time. For sometime Mojácar´s restaurants have been making very significant leaps forward in regards to quality. The presence of well trained professionals has contributed to this change, plus Mojácar has a very competitive catering college which trains youngsters from all over the area.Aware of the importance of maintaining our culinary heritage, we embrace the authentic flavour of the simple dishes and stews which played a big part in everyday cuisine, and which were so loved in past times, and which our visitors remember and seek out when they come back. Among these are the "gurullos", meatball stews, pepper soup, "migas", rice dishes and even cous-cous, the fruit or our Andalucian heritage. Mojácar is a tourist village and we should not forget that gastronomy not only plays a vital part in the travel experience, but also stimulates the senses. It is down to everyone´s hard work that the gastronomy and dining in general in our municipality are consolidated as an attraction which makes Mojácar stand out as a tourist destination. Nowadays we know that certain tastes and customs have changed. We are trying culinary influences from other cultures, and the presence of new precious treasures converted into delicious dishes. These dishes are a wonderful accompaniment to travel, as are Almería´s wonderful wines, which compete in the market with the best and most highly awarded. We would say the most important factor in the high quality of Mojácar´s cuisine is the quality of our produce, its availability, the diversity as an alternative to traditional dishes, and the vocation that Mojácar has as village to look after its visitors. INTERNATIONAL COUSINE Despite the importance of the rich and varied fish and seafood in our diet, it is the produce from our market-gardens (potatoes, peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuces and so on), together with simple preparation, which is perhaps the strongest note in our traditional cuisine. Visitors are often surprised to discover the rich and enjoyable varieties of those easily prepared so-called "poor man´s dishes". Mojácar is also a cosmopolitan town, with a truly international flavour reflected in its restaurants, including Chinese, Indian and Italian. And don´t forget to enjoy Mojácar paella!
Mojácar is full of small and hospitable shops which specialize in hand-made goods. These stores are scattered around the narrow cobbled streets of whitewashyed houses with blue painted wooden window. These small traders sell all kinds of hand-made curiosities, including the most traditional goods like "jarapas" (a kind of colourful rag rug), esparto-work, ceramics, leather and iron-ware...which are all vivid reminders of the old ways of the past, when masters of these products lived their simple but artistic lives. On Wednesdays, being the traditional market day, there is even more choice. You will find a rich and heady mixture of cultures and races from all over the world, and from this crucible of varied colours and ripples, you can be sure to find almost anything you like, at a good price.
How to get here By land: Car: The road accesses are as below: E-15 from Almeria to Murcia. Exit 520 Los Gallardos - Turre - Mojácar E- 15 from Murcia to Almería. Exit 525 Los Gallardos - Turre - Mojácar. State roads. Distances from Mojácar to the nearest cities with airports: Almeria City Distance: 90 Km -1hour. Alicante Distance:200 km.2,30hours Murcia Distance:130 km. 1:30 hours Granada Distance: 205 km . 2.30 h Malaga Distance: 300 km .3.30 h By Bus The Alsa bus company runs routes which connect the main provinces of Spain with Mojácar. Alsa stops are located in the Avenida de Andalucía, one at the entrance to the village and another in the coastal area. There are local transport connections to both for the convenience of the traveler. Transfers and Shuttles Mojácar Tour Travel Agency Transfers Indatravel Agency Rodríguez transport company Train communications: Almería train station : 90km Murcia train station : 130km By air: Almeria airport provides parking for cars and buses. Car rental companies: Europcar, Hertz rental and Goldcar, Mo-Car. From the airport there is a continuous bus service to Almeria city (SURBUS company) and taxi (Radio Taxi: 950 22 22 22). Then from Almeria to Mojácar ALSA company operates a service. Other nearby airports are Murcia (135km) and Alicante (200km), the latter having the highest number of international communications. By sea: Almeria Port The destinations offered from the port of Almeria are Melilla and Nador, the number of boats per day varying according to season. The company is Acciona Trasmediterránea.
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