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The first impression of the provincial capital of Galicia is big, bright, modern and spacious all at the same time. A Coruña is home to many magnificent squares, a fantastic medieval quarter and an amazing array of different architectural styles. The medieval quarter contains most of the historical monuments built before the 19th century together with many buildings dating back to the Modernist period. The fascinating waterfront is always buzzing with life and excitement, as it still plays a very important role in the city’s everyday life. It is home to fishing boats as well as cruise liners and yachts. The city is also well known for its excellent gastronomy which emphasizes the quality and freshness of produce.
In order to explore the laid-back Galician lifestyle you need to take a stroll down the new and very attractive promenade. This will give you plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and also a chance to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the city.
The wealth of natural ingredients and skilled chefs found here are irresistible attractions for lovers of refined cuisine. One of the principal features of A Coruña’s gastronomy is the quality of its ingredients, which are combined to create amazingly simple dishes or more elaborate culinary delights.
There are plenty of places to enjoy an evening drink around the streets of Playa del Orzán and as the night progresses, most of the action moves to Calle de Juan Florez and its many side streets. The nightlife in A Coruña is suitable for all tastes - traditional cafés lower their lights and the roulette wheels start spinning at the Casino, the Rosalía Theatre puts on its best shows, and bars and clubs fill up with party-goers.
A Coruña is an intriguing commercial showcase in which department stores co-exists with small and specialized enchantment stores. Although the visitor has several big shopping centres at their disposal, the Galician capital is famous for its antiques, fashion, jewellery shops and ceramics. Stores of luxury along with crafts stores, among others, exhibit in their showcases designs of silver, jet and Galician ceramics. Lacework from Galicia is widely known, however, the most popular craft is embroidery which is often done in the family. Embroidery has been raised to the level of a veritable art in two thoroughly Spanish domains: firstly, in the ornaments used for pasos during Holy Week and secondly in bullfighters’ costumes. The shopping centres in A Coruña are split into zones, and the Obelisk zone is the biggest of the shopping malls where all the usual designer clothes, sunglasses and everything else under the sun are available. Other malls include the Picasso district and Calle Barcelona.
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