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Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country, in the North of Spain, and the capital of the province of Biscay. Once a city of industry and football, Bilbao has had an extraordinary transformation. The Nervión River banks are home to numerous businesses and factories, which during the Industrial Revolution brought heightened prosperity to the region. A ship building centre is now an industrial and cultural feast for the eyes and senses. The Nervión River divides the city decisively between the old and new. To the east are the narrow streets of the Old Town, the Casco Viejo, which centres around the Siete Calles district - full of bars and restaurants and near the old sights such as the vast, cathedral-like Mercado de la Ribera food market, the largest of its kind in Spain. On the opposite side of the river, you will find the city’s stunning modern “other half,” which is a total contrast. It is here you will find the Guggenheim and other iconic buildings like the state of the art Palacio Euskalduna. There is no doubt that Frank O. Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum provides a surreal physical and spiritual focus to Bilbao, but you would be immensely foolish to overlook the rest of this magical city. The Guggenheim provides your first taste of Bilbao, an enigmatic starter before the delights that spin off from it.
Bilbao has many interesting sites to visit, both historical and modern, and there is something for everyone. In addition to museums, such as the Guggenheim, or the lively Old Town, Bilbao's many pedestrian streets make it easy to discover the city on foot. All you need to do is find your favourite sites.
Bilbao is the home of Basque cuisine, considered the most inventive cuisine in Spain. Bilbao is famous for a lot of dishes, such as delicious tapas-like appetisers called pintxos. Seafood forms the heart of Basque cooking. Bacalao dishes, based on cod, are very popular as is merluza, or hake. Many visitors to Bilbao return again and again for the food alone.
Bilbao has an enviable coffee culture, people take every chance they get to sit down, hang out and catch up. After a long day with sightseeing do as the locals - enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at one of the many cafes the city has to offer.
The Casco Viejo is the best place to head for bars, particularly around the Plaza Nueva. In central Bilbao it’s Urquijo Gallerias, Calles Ledesma and Licenciado Poza that are the main areas to go bar hopping and drink local favourites – kalimotxo, coke and red wine. For a unique night out, visit a cider tavern – sidrería – where you eat lots of char-grilled meat and drink copious quantities of cider.
Bilbao’s main thoroughfare, the Gran Via, is where you will find all the department stores, boutiques and designer shops, from Gucci to MaxMara. Handicrafts and local wine can be picked up at markets such as the Mercado de la Ribera. Basque specialities like wood carving and weaving can be found around the Casco Viejo. Here, you will also find lots of independent shops as well as chain stores. Best places to go are Calle Askao, Artekale, Bidebarrieta, Somera, Correo and La Cruz. Mind that nearly all shops are closed on Sundays.
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