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Dreaming about visiting a paradise-like place on Earth? Come to Saint Petersburg – the so-called museum in the open air. There is no need in visiting any places at all: you can just admire its lavish baroque or reserved classicism architecture and picturesque ribbons of canals by taking leisurely strolls or boat trips. Most daring tourists are welcome to discover city’s diversity by taking helicopter or segway rides. Have never been here before? Professional guides will make your trip as comfortable and enlightening as possible. Have been here for numerous times before? Try to go around the city using our new official mobile application Visit Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is a caring city which thinks of all types of tourists. It is a real kingdom of heaven for kids. Let them enjoy interactive science museums, puppet theatres and contact zoos here. Young people will be amazed by the number of music events and social venues where they can make new friends. Gourmands are free to reveal tastes of Russian and all international cuisines. Several business areas and complexes are at the disposal of businessmen to participate in plenty of congresses and conferences. Bohemia has a great opportunity to fulfill its potential via taking part in various creative workshops, festivals and experimental projects. Travel and enjoy in winter or summer, rain or shine, young or old!
We have picked 10 most popular places, the so-called brands of the city for you to see and explore in Saint Petersburg. These are genuine treasures of the city which you have definitely seen many times on photos, souvenirs and heard of from your friends. Travelers who have visited them at least once will return here more and more times in future to attend current exhibitions and festivals.
Do and see things you’ve never done or seen before in your life! Visit a soviet-time apartment with sovietic relics and learn about lives of plain soviet factory workers, pioneers and farm workers. Walk along the pages of Dostoevsky somber novels and meet its heroes on the dusky embankments or shaded parks. Dress up for masquerades and ballrooms, get ready to waltz in the same magnificent dancing halls as Pushkin in the 18 century. Not only learn but also take an active part and interact!
Sheremetev Palace — Museum of Music

Sheremetev Palace — Museum of Music

The former mansion of Counts Sheremetev is a unique historical and cultural monument, which represents rare for St.Petersburg pattern of an urban mansion. Up to 1917 the Palace and the land had belonged to the five generations of the senior branch - the Counts - of the old Russian family of Sheremetev. At present the majority of the Sheremetev halls, given to the museum in dramatic state, have been restored. The exhibition is arranged in three directions: a) The history of the Sheremetev family and life of Russian nobility in XVIII - XX cc. b) Open stores of the unique collection of musical instruments c) The exhibition of private collections. The permanent exhibition "The Sheremetev family and the Musical Life of the 18–20th cc." was organized in 1995 in collaboration with the State Hermitage, the Russian National Library, Pushkin House, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Ostankino Memorial Palace, the Russian Porcelain Museum in Kuskovo, as well as owners of private collections. Another notable exhibition is a private collection of A.M.Sarayeva–Bondar (wife of V.V.Strekalov–Obolensky - a Petersburg collector). The collection numbering over 700 works of fine and applied arts (18–20th centuries) is one of the most precious recent acquisitions of the museum. The permanent Musical Instruments Collection displayed at the Palace has three thousand exhibits. "The Open Stores" exhibition opened in the October of 1997 in the Gallery Wing of the Fountain House. Here one can hear the Russian bells, replicas of antique musical instruments, copied in the 19th century from authentic pieces, which had been discovered during the excavations of Ancient Etruria. The fancy shapes of the baroque instruments of the 17–18th centuries - the old harps, viols, harpsichords- go extremely well with the style of the Palace, the delicate design of the iron railings, the stucco moulding of the interiors. The famous collection, framed by the old baroque architecture, is perceived as a new page in the musical–historical annals of the Fountain House, in which there are the names of famous artists of the past, renowned historians, painters, architects. The museum has become a popular place for concerts. The principal exhibition projects initiated and carried out by the museum:

Don’t miss out on special days and nights when the sky gets brightly colored in all possible hues of fireworks and parade floats as well as crowds of disguised people march along the festively adorned streets and squares. More than 300 events are annually held in the open air or on the best Russian theatre stages: musical, poetic, theatre, patriotic, religious events, etc. Watch the burning of Maslenitsa effigy, crack painted eggs in the course of Easter Fair, greet a ship with spectacular scarlet sails, ride a legendary Harley Davidson bike at the August festival, be the first to watch recently shot movies at the cinema festivals. Saint Petersburg offers events to suit all tastes!
What can be more inspiring than observing marvelous architecture masterpieces through floor-to-ceiling windows and tasting something delicious at the same time? Panoramic views, exquisite menus, mouth-watering desserts, considerate personnel will undoubtedly spice your trip up! Restaurants offering Russian traditional cuisine will not only treat you with well-known borscht, shchi, solyanka, vareniki, Russian salad, and blini but also entertain you with vibrant folk shows! However sophisticated you can be, an abundance of international cuisine restaurants will not fail to surprise you!
Saint Petersburg offers a great variety of cafes for all tastes. Some of them maintain historic city traditions while others concentrate on the latest tendencies in culinary art. Enjoy majestic views of the city from windows of cosy, elegant, rattling, designer and other types of cafes.
St Petersburg’s bars tend to have themes - sports, Irish, British-style pub, hip Soviet nostalgia - they serve food, usually have DJs or live music and 02.00 is considered early closing. The scene is constantly changing, so check weekly listings and posters around town. Most clubs serve food and are open until 06.00 or later.


Deep black color in the interior, which was created by one of the best designers of the two capitals Alex Haas, and neon projection of oil tanks on the walls evoke associations with the "black gold", and infinitely long bar reminds you the classic cocktail bars in Europe, where pleasant and rich people spent their time. Barrel – is a combination of low-key luxury, expensive minimalism and democratic style at the same time and in everything: design, cuisine and atmosphere. For those who are a burdened and fettered by prim atmosphere of restaurants, and not accustomed to chat under the pulsating decibels in clubs, Barrel – is the best choice to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the day, allowing himself to just enjoy life. Chef Vadim Ivanov offers a wide variety of European and Mediterranean cuisine for this. Barrel’s pride is the original wine carte, made with the ideal combination of dishes from the menu and the requirements of the most sophisticated wine gourmet. Special accent Barrel makes on cocktails - an indispensable attribute of all today’s bars. A offered snacks from the tapas-menu will be a perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine or a cocktail. Multiple formats organically combine in Barrel. For someone Barrel – is a cozy cocktail bar, where cocktails are prepared exclusively from original recipes of the authors, which are famous in all the capital cities of the world. You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover a totally different, new taste of a long known drink and with joyful anticipation you will expect meeting with the new cocktails. As for ingredients here we use a wide selection of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, honey and even exotic spices.

Red Fox Jazz Club

Red Fox Jazz Club

Do you like jazz? Come. Don’t like? Still come. «Red Fox» is for those who likes it hot. Excellent live music. Nice people. What more is necessary for happiness? 20s of the 20 century in America went down in history as «roaring twenties». When the best music was jazz, such dances as «Charleston», «Lindy hawk », «Swing» were famous in America. Drinking alcohol young people danced wildly to the sounds of jazz. «Jazz is what we are and our best hours». «Red Fox» was established in 2001. It was named in honor of the trumpeter Henry «Red» Allen. There are two halls (smoking and not smoking) in the caf?. There is live music performed by various groups and artists, both Russian and foreign, every day. Besides music, the cafe can offer you tasty meals (because an excellent Russian-European cuisine was formed over years) and, of course, there is a great variety of drinks. Prices are very democratic, which pleases our guests… If the soft-rapturous, tart with coffee tint jazz tunes don’t leave you indifferent, if the sounds of the saxophone and piano touch the invisible chord in your heart, now you are at the right place. For true fans and those who just realized his spiritual closeness to this style can spend a short tour of the centuries-old history of jazz music, meeting with people who have left their mark on this «field». Everyone knows Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker. You can find interesting stories from biographies of them and about many other jazz artists in the online representation of the jazz caf? «Red Fox». If you want to know more about ground-bit, spiritual, two-bit or jam you can easily find an information here. Club «Red Fox» offers a fascinating collection of information on the jazz theme with unique stories about artists and events for all, whose life is floating under the spiritual motives of music. Club «Red Fox» offers a fascinating collection of information on the jazz theme with unique stories about artists and events for all, whose life is floating under the spiritual motives of music.

All the top international brands and designer fashion names are here, lining up on Nevsky Prospeсt, and the shops are as glitzy and glam as in any European capital.
Alongside internationally acclaimed sights such as the Hermitage, Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo, Saint Petersburg has a number of lesser known but equally interesting attractions, Among them are modern art galleries, contact zoos for kids, interactive museums equipped with cutting-edge technologies, audiovisual effects and optical illusions.
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