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The historic and picturesque seaside city of Constanta is located a short 25 km from Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport - your entrance gate to discovering the Romanian Riviera. Constanta City offers activity options for the active traveler, or one seeking relaxation. Ovidiu Square, the Old City, the museums and the old churches attract each day more and more tourists. If you’re searching for excitement, Mamaia resort is the place for you. Mamaia has earned the nick name ‘the resort that never sleeps’, thanks to its cool festivals and vibrant nightlife. The resort boasts a great location, nestled away on the north side of Constanta City. Whether you want to go clubbing or you just want to hit the beach, there’s always something going on in Mamaia!
Explore Constanta's important museums and experience history face-to-face on a walk through the numerous ruins and ancient fortresses spread throughout the county (Histria, Tomis, Callatis, Adamclisi, Capidava). Find your spiritual self on a religious itinerary to sites such as St Andrew’s Cave, Dervent Monastery, the orthodox and catholic churches or mosques. And, at the end of the day, you can experience the local cuisine, specific to this area, washed down with a glass of delicious Romanian wine. Mamaia, also called the ‘The Pearl of the Black Sea’, is the biggest summer resort on the Black Sea coast, a strip of land 8km long, located in the north side of the city Constanta. During the day you can chill on the beach, or go wind surfing, jet skiing or parasailing, while at night there are plenty of shows and parties that will keep you awake until dawn, including performances from some of the world’s best DJs.
Discover the rich history of the region, admire the Romanian paintings and navy artifacts, or enjoy one day at the only one Dolphinarium in Romania!
Constanta sits within the Dobrodgea region of Romania, a region long associated with the Romans and ancient Greeks. Many monuments and historic buildings can be seen within the Old City Centre of Constanta and the surrounding county. Visitors are always keen to visit the beautiful monuments of Tropaeum Traiani at Adamclisi or the amazing Greek ruins at Histria. Visit the Danube Delta, probably the most beautiful delta on Earth and a shining example of biodiversity! Experience the local cuisine, specific to this area, washed down with a glass of delicious Romanian wine!
From air shows to music, theater and dance festivals, Romanian Riviera offers plenty of events all summer long: parades, concerts, famous DJ’s performances, sleepless nights on the beach, sport events, theater shows and photography exhibitions.
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