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The Royal Route connects three former residences of Polish rulers: The Royal Castle, Łazienki Królewskie and Wilanów Palace. It is the city’s most famous route. Among the buildings lining the streets Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat are the Presidential Palace, the Warsaw University campus, as well as beautiful churches and townhouses. The Route continues along the elegant and green Aleje Ujazdowskie, with embassies and ministries situated along the way. The historical route ends at Wilanów Palace. The Route is not to be missed in the wintertime when it is illuminated with thousands of lights as part of the Great Illumination.
No other river in Europe is like the Vistula flowing through Warsaw. Its natural banks, inhabited by wild fowl, are right next to the city’s boulevards. In the summer, the weekend city life comes alive here – trendy bars and clubs, charming bistros, and outdoor events attract both city dwellers and tourists, while the sandy beaches are the perfect place to chill out. A cruise down the river to see the city from the water is also an interesting option.
Warsaw is the city of Fryderyk Chopin. It is here that he spent his childhood and early youth. It is also in Warsaw that Chopin’s musical talent was discovered and where his international career began. Discover the places connected with Chopin. You will be assisted by mobile applications and a website available in a number of languages.
You must have heard of her – the woman who broke all stereotypes! She was a double Nobel prize winner, a professor at the Sorbonne University and one of the first women to get a driver’s licence. Did you know that she was born in Warsaw? Take the opportunity to visit her house, see where she was born and check out the places she held dear. See Warsaw through Maria’s eyes and see what a long path she had to tread before finally being laid to rest in the Pantheon in Paris.
Before the war, Warsaw was home to one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe. Jews made up 30 per cent of the city’s population and were a major part of the city’s exceptional ethnic mix. They had synagogues, schools, and hospitals here; ran handicraft stores, manufacturing plants and banks; and were also engaged in freelance professions, many as artists. Though the Holocaust put an end to centuries of Jewish history in Warsaw, traces of their existence are still present. You can see how Jews have impacted the city’s development.
Situated on the right bank of the Vistula, Praga is seen as the most genuine and authentic part of the city. During World War II, it did not suffer as much as the city centre; hence, you can still admire its original architecture. The charming alleys, restaurants pulsating with life, trendy art galleries, and exceptional combination of historical industrial architecture with modern design concepts have made Praga a favourite spot among Warsaw’s artists and creatives.
When travelling with children, you can be sure to find places in Warsaw where the whole family is going to have a blast. Just about everyone is enchanted by the city’s many parks and gardens, as well as the beautiful riverbanks. Be sure to plan a visit to one of Warsaw’s interactive museums and see how much fun learning can be. Get to know the city’s sweet side by trying some delicious local ice cream, or, if you’re travelling in the winter, a cup of hot chocolate at Wedel’s.
If you find yourself in need of a moment’s respite in the wintertime, do come to Warsaw, as it takes on an entirely different face at this time of year. You will be met with an abundance of winter attractions, from the city’s many ice-skating rinks and Christmas markets to brightly illuminated streets and squares. Museums and other attractions become a lot less crowded. It is also easier to book a hotel or make a dinner reservation. Isn’t life beautiful in the winter?
Warsaw is more than the beautiful historical architecture of the Old Town and its fascinating history. It is also a city that is alive, that is transforming and discovering new directions. If you want to really feel the atmosphere of the Polish capital and the people who make it so special, stray off the beaten path and seek out new adventures.
Warsaw tempts with its abundance of cultural events. Regardless of whether you are a music lover or a sports fan, whether you are interested in design and fashion or simply want to know what is hot in the city, there is a wide-ranging offer of regular and temporary events for you to choose from. Take a peek at our calendar – we’re bound to have something that will catch your eye.
Warsaw cuisine is like the city: diverse, multicultural, delectable and full of energy. Book a table at a Michelin-star restaurant or experience the atmosphere of the communist era in a so-called milk bar. Allow yourself to be seduced by local desserts like W-Z cake, zygmuntówka, or organic ice cream. Take a peek at a breakfast fair, sit on the grass, and celebrate food. Apart from the classic Polish specialities that we describe below, Warsaw restaurants have dishes from all corners of the world, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free cuisine.
Shopping malls, small designer boutiques, flea markets and fashion fairs are some of the tempting shopping options available in Warsaw. You can find stores featuring the leading global and European brands, both from the top shelf as well as more affordable options. A good idea would be to get yourself something special and choose Polish fashion designs and products tagged “Made in Poland”. If you are looking for bargains, on the other hand, check out the Warsaw outlets.
The night is still young and you feel like going out in the city? A whole array of places awaits you, such as the popular clubs at Plac Zbawiciela or the hot bars and clubs by the Vistula, where the nightlife gets going in the summertime. If you want to party, check out the party zone on Parkingowa, Nowogrodzka and Mazowiecka Streets. If you want to see the city’s skyline from a top floor, no problem. There are clubs with such panoramic views.
Would you like to travel around Warsaw more efficiently and cheaply? Then choose the Warsaw Pass. This card gives you free admission to the most important tourist attractions, as well as rebates and a public transportation ticket. You can decide how much time you need to visit the city – one, two or three days. You can buy the card at Warsaw Tourist Information Points, among other places. Visit:
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