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"Echte Stettiner" (True Szczeciner) - this was the way to describe someone stubborn, resolute, courageous, raw - in XIX-th century. Genius loci of Szczecin is felt here easily: in the communist era Szczecin was the city, where strikes broke out, where people put up a continuous resistance to the communist regime. Today, Szczecin is also full people with a firm, but at the same time welcoming character. Szczecin was the capital of the Duchy of Pomerania, but also had been ruled by Denmark, Prussia, France, Sweden, Germany. Today it's inside the Polish borders. This extraordinary past can be seen today on every step: in architecture, urban planning, squares, parks; while walking you pass the still operating water pumps, shelters, old signs. During the Second World War, Szczecin was destroyed in 80%, so - in contrast to most of the cities - we don't have the Old Town. Currently, it is being re-built. Even visiting pubs and discos brings you a trip in time: in one of the pubs you can move to the seventeenth century, to the time of the Swedish Szczecin (it is opened in the former city fortifications); in another - to the Communist times (when there was a militia station). One of nightclubs is located in the former headquarters of the Royal Iron Railway. The past is everywhere here and it is always clearly visible - while walking in Poland's largest cemetery, which is both a park and botanical garden; the largest shelter in today's Poland, during the session in the oldest cinema in the world... Szczecin is also the history of technology: the wreck of the tanker made of concrete, Poland's only one railway drawbridge or the oldest floating dock in Europe. At the same time Szczecin is not afraid of momentum and bold architecture. Two buildings that have won the highest architectural awards make this city even more woth visiting: Szczecin Philharmonic, that gained the Mies van der Rohe award and the Centre for Dialogue Upheavals with the World Building of the Year award that was won during the festival of architecture in Berlin in November 2016. How much time is needed to see Szczecin? Someone may say that the one-day intensive tour will do the trick. But this is not true, because Szczecin is not only about the past. Szczecin is also the vastness of space, water and greenery, which is best viewed from boat or kayak. Szczecin is a Floating Garden - many rare species of aquatic plants and animals have here their home. Szczecin has many faces. How much time is needed to see and get to know them all?
Select one of two versions: 24h (15zł) od 72h (25zł) and discover the cheaper way of sightseeing. You can buy the Card in: • every tourist information in Szczecin • Szczecin Manufacture on Chrobry Boulevard • via free "Visit Szczecin" app for sightseeing available on Android and iOS The Szczecin Tourist Card means: • traveling with public transport for free • 50% discounts in all museums • discount tickets for city's attractions, such as rope park, civil shelter or ferry trips • discounts in pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels • discounts for kayak rentals and kayak trips • discount tickets for exhibitions in the Ducal Castle Full list of discounts is available on
Szczecin is a city with lots of stunning places. Some are famous for their history or architecture; some of them are hard to find and you really need a good guide to show you them. And some are to find here!
This region begs to be explored, both the city and its surroundings. The area is full of spots for nature getaways with an array of leisure activities for those of you with a taste for the outdoors. If you like hiking, cycling, fishing and canoeing this is a wonderful place for it with forests and huge lakes.
Szczecin offers an abundance of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. The choice is yours but whilst here you ought to indulge in a hearty traditional Polish meal. Savour one of Poland’s favourite meat dishes "kielbasa" (Polish sausage) and do not forget to sample the numerous pickled dishes. Polish food is truly flavoursome and plentiful.
There is definitely an innovative vibe about the city of Szczecin. The street Boguslawa has plenty of restaurants and clubs for the visitor to enjoy and explore. If you are looking for a panoramic view while having a drink you can visit Café 22 at Radisson Blu. You can also go to Cafe Popularna for a lunch in a cool retro setting.
A city abundant with old vaulted cellars was made for convivial evenings, sharing good times and drinks with friends. There are many bars to choose from and you will find a warm welcome from everyone. Like every university town there is a hive of activity once night falls. Classic trance, electro, funk, rock and blues, they all showcase among the city’s club nights.
Szczecin is a shoppers’ paradise. The shopping malls are filled with internationally recognised brands in abundance. You can get some retail therapy at Centrum Handlowe Galaxy, al. Wyzwolenia 18, and whilst there do not miss Galeria Centrum, Sp. z o.o. at al. Niepodleglozci 60. There are a few market places to rummage around too. At pl. Tobrucki you should not forget to pick up your fruit and vegetables. Whilst you are out for food, why not pick up something to try at home like Hunter Stew or Gulasch Seasoning? While trying to warm up in winter, a street market on pl. Zolrnerza Ploskiego lights up with Christmas decorations to take home even if you cannot take the trees away. Woodcarving, particularly wooden boxes and dolls, embroidery, religious depictions on painted glass and pottery are amongst the many local handicrafts tempting the visitors. Amber is characteristic and found in this region and you will find fine jewellery fashioned in local galleries. You cannot leave this city without taking away a little bite from the many confectionery shops. The cakes here are delightful and you should try the Karpatka Cake or the Praline Wafers.
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