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You would be forgiven for thinking you were in Venice if you unexpectedly found yourself in this picturesque town, surrounded by two rivers, with over a 655 year old history. The most scenic way to see it is by following the tree-lined Old Canal. The town centre exists for music and art. The Pomorska Philharmonic, Opera Nova, Theatre Polski and The Centre for Arts Exhibitions are but a few of the cultural institutions which organise the many concerts, performances, showcases and expositions which take place throughout the year. The outskirts however are surrounded by lush green forests, which form the largest woodland area in Poland. Here you can also find protected and vast conservation areas which are now home to rare species of native flora and fauna.
Bydgoszcz offers many interesting attractions due to its long history dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many traces of its past which are shown around the city. Here you will find museums, beautiful gardens, Cathedrals, Old Town Square, The City Walls and the canals around the city.
Among the specialities of the Kujawy region (where Bydgoszcz lies) you can find the delicious sour soup called “żurek”. It is made by flour which is initially prepared in the same way as sourdough, but the result is a creamy white soup with a tangy flavour. This and many other traditional, regional dishes can be tasted in the many restaurants around town.
For the less adventurous it may be a relief to find out that Bydgoszcz is known for its pancakes and that the cafés are serving everything from salads to soups and desserts. You will also find more simple restaurants and cafés serving pizza.
The nightlife in Bydgoszcz is most simply described in one phrase: each to their own. After dusk the town enters the night to the sound of experimental jazz, salsa, sea shanties, rock, pop and many other pulsating tunes. With this much choice it will be difficult not to find something you will enjoy.
Bydgoszcz is not a huge city, which transforms shopping into a pursuit of pure pleasure by keeping you away from the crowds which normally assemble in shopping centres. The old town is heaving with stalls selling an abundance of souvenirs which allows you to combine sightseeing with gift shopping. Focus Park, a shopping mall and entertainment centre, is located in the heart of the town centre on Ulica Jagiellońska. Here you will find brands like Diverse, Ecco, Promod, Sephora, Tatuum, Wittchen, Hugo Boss and Wrangler Lee. The shopping centre "Jedynak" was established in 1911 and is one of the oldest in Poland. This shopping centre is well worth a visit if you are looking for clothes, while Galeria Pomorska is one of the newest. Here you can find known international brands such as H&M, Orsay, Vero Moda, and Vertus. In “Rondo” you will find over 40 boutiques, including Hi Mountain, Nike, Sunset Suits, Orsay, Go Sport.
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