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Saba is known as the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean”. You’ll find no franchises here. Small eclectic bars and restaurants will infuse your nightlife after you've hiked a mountain rainforest trail, dove a world-acclaimed dive site or just lazed by a pool with a good book. It's easy to fall into the pace of island life. You'll receive a warm welcome from the people of Saba, people who have not forgotten the benefit of a friendly greeting, which makes wandering through a charming Saban village all the more enjoyable. Idyllic gingerbread houses and well-kept gardens resonate the pride the people of Saba feel for their island. Before you leave her shores you will have experienced the true beauty and community of Saba, made new friends and, like many others before you, a return visit will be the only thing on your mind... So if you have a yearning for a different vacation, consider nothing less than Saba.
Saba plunges below the sea as steeply as she rises above. From shallow patch reefs to deep underwater seamounts, Saba offers sites suitable for any diver’s level of experience. Past volcanic activity has created spectacular formations and structures. Underwater lava flows and hot springs are the most obvious evidence of Saba’s volcanic origins. Saba offers year-round diving with seasonal differences in water temperature and surface conditions. The water temperature varies between 26C and 28C (77F-84F). Visibility ranges from a minimum of 20m (60ft) to virtually unlimited. Swells and heavy rainfall may influence visibility, but typically it clears again very quickly. Due to the steepness of the coastal zone, shore diving is virtually impossible. Therefore all diving must be with one of Saba’s licensed dive centers. Their expertise contributes to a safe, convenient and informative diving experience.

Saba Divers

Saba Divers is the international diving center with 15 years of tradition, 2015 TripAdvisor winner. Saba is a big mountain with outrageous terrain. So much so, that the original King Kong movie used Saba's silhouette as King Kong's "Skull Island" home - and even filmed some of the jungle scenes here. Divers can expect maximum comfort, safety, and individual approach. Saba Divers have two branches on the island. One of them is located directly in the heart of the island in the tourist center Windwardside; the other is located in Fort Bay harbor, where also diving boat Big Blue is anchored. Individual dives are organized on a per-person basis or in a small group of 2-6 divers with an instructor. It ensures maximum comfort and safety for all people under the sea. Divers are served with small refreshment (fruits & vegetables) on the boat between dives. Divers during their stay can expand their skills and get a PADI Scuba Diving Certification by completing specialized courses. Clients with no previous diving experience can gain all necessary skills under our professional guidance and return home as the divers with a PADI certification. Dive shop in the harbor, enables divers sit down together after dives relax and share experiences from the underwater world with the international team of instructors and guides speaking English, German and Dutch. Scuba shop client comfort zone in a harbor also provides divers with diving equipment to rent, including dive computers, and other professional diving accessories. Further there is available Wi-Fi connection for free, and shower with fresh water. Saba Divers can provide divers with photos and videos from our archives. Saba Divers offers Nitrox for free (it is included in diving packages)! Diving with Nitrox is safer, a dive time can be significantly longer and it keeps divers in better condition. In the harbor are DAN oxygen units and a decompression chamber in case of emergency.

Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center

Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center

Since 1985, the Sea Saba name is synonymous with a first-class diving operation. Whether you're a newly certified diver or a seasoned photographer, our enthusiastic, all-instructor crew assures a safe, professional and fun diving experience. Sea Saba's 40-foot (13m) boats are ideal for Saba's diving conditions. Though built for 25, we max each boat at just 10 divers. Two boats allow us to schedule dives to suit individual needs, interests, and experience level without compromise. We pride ourselves on adherence to the highest safety standards through regular safety training, proper equipment maintenance, and the strictest standards for air and nitrox quality. Our dive guides are dedicated not only to the highest standards of safety, but are also knowledgeable and enthusiastic about marine life. All of our instructors have at least a Level 3 REEF Fish ID certification and are happy to share their expertise with you. Sea Saba’s commitment to environmental education is evident through its status as PADI National Geographic dive center and a Sea & Learn sponsor. This commitment to environmental understanding is well-suited to Saba’s remarkable biodiversity. However, we know that a great dive trip is about more than just great diving...let us help you plan a special trip to Saba with a variety of dive packages from luxury hotels and budget accommodations to eco-style retreats and private cottages. For more information, enjoy our comprehensive website with Just Seen on Saba and News Features page and much more. Let us be your on-island concierge service and you'll see why we say "Dive the Sea Saba Difference".

Hiking on Saba is an experience like no other. Explore the highest mountain in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or take a relaxing nature stroll on one of the many trails offered for hikers. Trails range from difficulty levels of easy to strenuous as well as distance and hiking times So whether you are an avid hiker or someone who has never experienced hiking, you are sure to find something to your liking with Saba's many hiking trails. For more information about hiking please contact The Trial Shop, located in Windwardside, tel.: +599 416 2630.
Saba might be small, but there are a number of things that will keep you occupied throughout your stay. From island tours, to week long festivities in July, Saba is sure to leave an impression that will keep you coming back for more!
From fine dining in world class restaurants to local taste treats in our friendly snack bars. We offer something for everyone.
Saba provides great shopping opportunities for visitors and locals alike. From our creative arts and crafts stores to every day needs - Saba has it!.
From luxurious hotels to charming guesthouses, Saba has something to suit every style and budget.
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