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Sign up for a tour or excursion to discover a side of Amsterdam you might never see on your own. For example, a canal cruise is an absolute must for every first-time visitor. Amsterdam’s fantastic architecture is best seen from a sightseeing boat on the canals. But Amsterdam is also a great city to explore by bike or foot. Travel outside the city and experience the typically Dutch landscape of windmills, dikes and manicured green pastures. Stroll through quaint fishing villages, take a boat tour along the scenic waterways or cycle along the dunes.
For the visitors who have already seen the beautiful canals, visited the highlights, pioneered the Jordaan and got the hang of the never-ending nightlife, here’s news for you: there is plenty more to experience. The stunning Amsterdam Metropolitan Area offers a great variety of products and activities: beaches, shopping centres, history museums and much more, all of these attractions are within an hour's reach using public transportation.
Amsterdam is home to a variety of world-famous museums. A trip to the city isn't complete without stopping by the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House. However, Amsterdam has much more to offer. A stroll through the heart of the city and beyond will reveal the countless attractions catering to young and old.
Looking for a quick snack, a refreshing drink or a romantic three-course dinner? Amsterdam has all of that and more. From grand cafes and historical watering holes to Michelin stars and the best in seasonal produce, keep reading for tips on where to have a memorable meal or drink in Amsterdam.
Whether you’re after soaking up the atmosphere of a traditional Dutch brown cafe, lounging in a city luxurious grand cafe, enjoying a summer drink on one of the city’s many terraces or checking out the thriving bar scene, Amsterdam is the perfect place to enjoy a tipple.
The dance clubs in Amsterdam might feel too small for somebody who is used to flashy clubs in NY, LA or London, but don't worry, they can be just as entertaining and completely crazy. Hip, laid-back or sophisticated – the choice is yours.
Whether you're searching for the best souvenir, a unique vintage dress or the latest designer handbag, Amsterdam has the perfect shop for you. Hunt for antiques, score some limited-edition trainers or sample local Dutch delicacies: you can find it all in Amsterdam. Besides the main shopping streets, Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat, home to all the shops you would expect to find in a large European city, Amsterdam has a lot to offer to the luxury shopper, De Bijenkorf department store and Magna Plaza shopping centre being two of the best spots in town. Furthermore, the Spiegelkwartier will fulfil your desire for antiques, while the neighbourhood markets open their doors to budget-conscious shoppers.
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