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The overwhelming feeling of being on such a high ground, the breathtaking panorama and the fusion of nature and art at its best have made Taormina an exclusive travel destination. A former Greek settlement, the city was then conquered by Romans and Byzantines and the splendor of that golden Era has lasted throughout the years. Here in fact, the beauty of the nature has been enhanced by human hands and culminated in the Greek Amphitheater which dominates the scenes. The vibrant center of the city is Piazza IX Aprile, beautifully adorned by the 17th century Sant Agostino and San Giuseppe´s churches; once you cross Porta di Mezzo (literally "middle door"), you will enter the ancient part of the city where the Clock Tower was erected over 300 years ago. The quaint Corso Umberto I is the main road that runs through the whole city, which, with a myriad of shops and restaurants, will lead you from the city center to Porta Catania and the magnificent Badia Vecchia. Taormina is not only a captivating historical site - it’s beautiful coastal line, its marine grottoes and faraglioni (rocks) have enchanted numerous generations and they are only a cable way ride away from the city center.
The medieval town can probably be walked within one day and, despite its tiny area, this little gem located on the East coast of Sicily has a unique charm that has an enchanting force on travelers. The quaint and historical center, the beautiful Corso Umberto I with its shops and traditional Sicilian restaurants, crystal water beaches and the numerous solutions for a day trip in the Sicilian surroundings are some of the ingredients that make the so called "pearl" of the Ionic Sea so unique and charming.
The essence of the Sicilian cuisine lies in its beautifully cooked seafood dishes that belong to a tradition dated hundreds of years ago as a result of the mixture of different cultures which have dwelled in town since the first Greek settlements. Taormina, the pearl of the Ionic Sea, has mastered its culinary art boasting some of the best eatery of the Mediterranean Island. The tender meat of the swordfish fished locally is a must-try: it is served with vegetables or plain as a "secondo piatto" (the second course) always preceded by a primo piatto (normally pasta, risotto or soup) and an antipasto. And, to fulfill your Italian experience, you can´t miss the dessert rigorously accompanied by the almond wine, a peculiarity of Taormina´s tradition.
Ask any Italian where to have the best breakfast in town and he will certainly direct you to a local "pasticceria"(pastry shop). Yes, because here in Italy, the traditional breakfast (la prima colazione) consists of a latte and whatever your sweet tooth may crave. The astute Sicilians, however, came up with an idea to combine an energizing breakfast with a refreshing solution to cope with the hot summers of the Mediterranean island - "granita" and "brioche col tuppo" is the ideal Sicilian breakfast. As much as the idea of having a slush for breakfast sound bizarre, our suggestion is to try it: the Sicilian granita is exceptionally tasty and made from fresh ingredients.
As an exclusive seaside resort, Taormina, attracts a crowd of both young people and older ones alike, offering quality entertainment for everybody. The evening starts at 6, when folks pour down the streets to attend an event that is more a lifestyle then just a drink : the "aperitivo". The internationally called happy hour, in Italy becomes the occasion to get together and release the stress of the everyday life. It normally consists of a Spritz (Prosecco, soda water and Aperol or Campari) and some handmade snacks which are normally on the house. For those who want to continue partying, Taormina has no shortage of options, especially over summer: from nightclubs to late bars, you will find that Taormina never sleeps.
Taormina´s bustling heart is certainly the unique Corso Umberto I that, as well as for the traditional shops and restaurant, it is popular for the the multitude of shops it has to offer. From Italian-style upscale clothing shops, to tiny souvenir shops, Corso Umberto I is where to go to keep up your spirit with some good, healthy shopping.
As an international resort destination with a splendid history behind, Taormina, has attracted celebrities and artists for centuries, causing a boost in hotels and apartments construction. Your quest for the perfect hotel, could start from Corso Umberto I, vibrant heart of the city from which everything is just a few steps away. Another strong suggestion? The exceptional hotels by the beach offer unforgettable views.
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