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I Tri Siochett is a rustic restaurant, located in the countryside just outside Parma city center. Try some Italian specialties served by the attentive staff, dishes like salami and cold pork meats with torta fritta (fried savoury dough) and tortelli alle erbette (pasta parcels filled with ricotta cheese and leaf beet) are not to be missed.

Useful Information
  • address:Strada Farnese 74/A, Vigheffio, Parma
  • email:[email protected]
  • phone:+39 521 968870
  • openinghours:Mon-Sat 12am-2.30pm, 7.30pm-11.30pm; Sun 12am-2.30pm
  • googlePlaceId:cc28e742391ce710990fff0c6deff8a2559f9ad5
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