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The dozens of underground tombs of the 4th-century Early Christian Burial Structures which are part of the World Heritage rested beneath the surface for more than 1500 years. In the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre, visitors can wander amongst various shape tombs and burial structures. Some of them are painted, their interior is decorated with painted biblical scenes and early Christian symbols, which adds to the uniqueness and universal cultural value of the memorial.

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  • address:Szent István square Pécs 7621
  • email:[email protected]
  • phone:+36 72 224 755
  • openinghours:1st April-31st October: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00 Monday: closed | 1st November-31st March: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-17.00 Monday: closed
  • tickets:Cella Sepitchora Visitor Centre and Early Christian Mausoleum Adult/advanced ticket: 1700/900 HUF |Free under 6 years
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