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Two worlds have come together at Egylet: the store front is a beer pub with draught Hungarian craft beers on 12 taps, having 50-60 different variants rotating within a month.They also offer homemade lemonades, teas, bottled and bistro wines. The Bistro offers the most popular street food the cuisine of the Balkans has to offer. Ćevapčići, pljeskavica and homemade sausages are always prepared freshly, grilled over charcoal, using carefully selected ingredients. Cups are filled with premium category Lucky Cap coffees.

Useful Information
  • address:32 Ferencesek str. Pécs 7621
  • phone:+36 20 350 8919
  • openinghours:Monday-Saturday 11.30-0.00, Sunday 11.30-22.00
call now 0203 011 1520