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Eger is a friendly town with a nice vibe and plenty to inspire you. From Spring to Autumn, there are on-going festivals and events involving wine, gastronomy, music and culture. In the upcoming 6 weeks (March 15th- May 1st) there is Spring Festival going on in Eger, with lot's of cultural happnings, winetastings and in April 29-May 1st weekned, the so lovely "Stars of Eger Wine & Food truck show". Come and enjoy it with us!
Whether you come to Eger to rest because you’re tired, looking forward to a relaxing spa weekend, or to burn some energy in a club, doing outdoor activities and sports – whatever you do, come hungry and thirsty. As well as the regular festivals scheduled from spring to autumn -- classical, popular, choral and street music -- the architecture, historical sites and events, mountains, lakes and a cool atmosphere, there are quiet side streets, or vibrant bustling squares-- Eger is the place to walk, hike, dance, read, cycle, fish, soak, think, sit, listen, drink and eat.
In Eger you are never far away from all the highlights. Another advantage of this small city is the diversity of distractions and entertainment. In practice, this means there are visitors with many interests of every age throughout the year. It is as common to see families leave the grandparents at one of the many cafes, while the younger ones go off to discover the town, as it is to see the youngsters being left at a cool bar while the parents go to admire the Baroque architecture. It’s fair to say that only those people who enjoy eating, drinking, history, sport, adventure events, architecture or art will enjoy spending time here. It’s not a mystery as to why the town’s population swells to twice its size during the high season.
As Hungary’s 19th largest city, Eger is remarkably well served with restaurants, bistros and cafes to suit every mood and pocket. Since it’s warm enough to sit outside for almost half the year, the city becomes a spectacular dining room. The size of the town means it’s easy to navigate, even on foot, if the wine tastings are too many and too delicious to deny yourself. It's fantastic produce, well-established vineyards, architecture, historical and cultural substance and variety of good quality and value for money restaurants all combine to make Eger an eater’s and drinker’s delight.
The Eger locals are really spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes. They are not seasonal establishments waiting only for the fleeting tourist trade. Consistency of quality and style are the foundations for the success of these places of refreshment. There is a style for everyone: student chic, elegant and relaxed, virtuosity in confectionary, artisanal sensibilities in patisserie and ice cream, and very serious attention to coffee roasting.
When wandering in the town you can find a number of catering facilities. Cosy restaurants, cafes, winebars, patisseries are waiting for the hungry and thirsty guests in the downtown.
Eger is a great place if you travel with kids. There are historic festivals all summer, with a peak in August 12-14, when we imitate the famous siege of 1552, when Eger transforms into a place of the 16th century. Apart of this, there are children festivals, playgrounds in the downtown area, thermal spas, cave spas and sliders to cool down a little bit and adventure parks nearby to meet some outdoor challenges. Hiking & Biking is also a great option for active families.
Outdoor and adventure activities are well-catered for, in and around Eger. Facilities provided by nature such as the Eged Mountains, Lake Tisza, Bukk Forest, natural springs, rutting stags, meteorites and waterfalls are augmented by the manmade. The wildlife preserve, paragliding and plane tours, restaurants, cycle path network and a light railway add to the thrills, perspectives convenience and comfort when enjoying the great outdoors near the Hungarian Great Plain.
Eger is Hungary’s historical wine region. The region’s grape and viniculture dates back nearly 1,000 years. However, there are truly ancient artefacts too: discovered on the mountainside of Kis Eged, the 30-million-year-old fossil of vine leaves, “Vitis Hungarica”. The best place to try exceptional wines in Eger is in the Valley of Beautiful Women (Szépasszony völgy). Here you will find more than 200 producers, some of the best wines in Hungary, assembled along one of the country’s most famous wine cellar routes. These are typically open year-round and all day long. Naturally, you can also taste wines at the many wine bars, restaurants, and wineries around Eger. Do take the opportunity to talk to the winemakers on site, while tasting. They are often very friendly and happy to chat about flavours, fragrance and their philosophy of wine making.
In Eger, accommodation can be generally characterised as guesthouse, rather than large hotel based. Entire buildings, self-contained flats, independently accessible apartments or parts of family homes, usually with gardens offering barbecuing facilities and typically within walking distance of the sights, are available for rent. Usually cosy, comfy and homey, these apartments offer very good value for money for the international traveller, but please note there is a tourism tax of 450HUF (€1.50) per person, per night which is NOT included in the price guide.
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