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The poet Goethe praised Heidelberg almost modestly as having "something ideal" about it. But Mark Twain, the pragmatic Mississippi river pilot, speaks of "the last possibility of the beautiful." Today a city with some 148.000 inhabitants, Heidelberg was once the royal residence of German Prince Electors, and for hundreds of years it was a focal point of German history. Closely connected with Heidelberg are the names of such houses of nobility as Wittelsbach, Stuart, or Medici, of theologians such as Martin Luther, or political figures such as Friedrich Ebert. Strikingly evident is the beauty of Heidelberg’s setting and architecture: edged north and south by the forested hillsides of the All Saints’ Mountain and the King’s Chair, Heidelberg lies where the Neckar river leaves the Odenwald Forest and flows onward into the Rhine valley. The baroque silhouettes of the houses, the elegant sweep of the bridge over the river, and the stately ruin of the regal castle towering above the town, blend with the surroundings to present a visual image that is almost ethereal. Amidst this magical setting, the town pulsates with modern life. In the angular lanes of the Old Town, students, tourists, and long-time residents cross paths day and night. Numerous stages beckon citizens and passers-by alike to enjoy the annual festivals for classics, jazz, film, theater, and literature. In Heidelberg’s oldest university, founded in 1386, research at the highest level is being actively pursued. At present some 30,000 students are matriculated, roughly a fifth of the population. It is largely the students who vest the city with its cosmopolitan, international, and youthful atmosphere. Positioned in one of the most dynamic economic regions of Germany, Heidelberg is among the most attractive conference and convention sites in the land. With the HeidelbergCARD, the visitor can become acquainted with the city’s famous sights and attractions simply, comfortably, and economically. Heidelberg Marketing GmbH is your competent on-site partner. Our friendly team of qualified experts is on hand to discuss with you our comprehensive programme of tours, and is glad to offer suggestions and assistance during your stay. Tel.: +49 6221 58 44 444 E-Mail: [email protected] Internet:
Heidelberg is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. The harmonious ensemble of Castle, Old Town and river in the midst of mountains was an inspiration to the poets and artists of the Romantic period, and has lost none of its fascination today for millions of visitors from all over the world. The symbol of the city, Heidelberg Castle, lies some 70 meters or 230 feet above the Neckar on the hillside of Heidelberg’s local mountain, the Königstuhl (King’s Chair). The ruins of the Castle towering above the town are among the most impressive sights that a trip through Germany can offer the marveling traveller. The city of the oldest university in Germany (founded in 1386, and since 2007 officially a University of Excellence) looks back on more than 800 years of history: from the former residence city of Germany’s Prince Electors up to today’s modern and future-oriented center of knowledge and economic growth. Among other achievements, in 2007 Heidelberg was the nation-wide leader in the conservation of nature.
Heidelberg Funicular Railway and the Königstuhl Mountain

Heidelberg Funicular Railway and the Königstuhl Mountain

Aim High – Reach the Top with the Heidelberg Funicular Railway For over a hundred years, a ride on the Funicular Railway, has been a special experience in Heidelberg. From the romantic Old Town, the railway takes Heidelberg’s visitors and residents first to the Castle station, then to the Molkenkur station, and finally to the top of the Königstuhl (King’s Chair) Mountain, at a height of some 400 meters or 1,300 feet above the Neckar valley. Along the way there is much to discover. With the attractively priced Castle Ticket, the newly renovated railway transports you quickly and comfortably to the Castle and back again to the Kornmarkt station. The entrance fee for the Castle courtyard, the Barrel Cellar, and the German Pharmacy Museum is included in the price. Those wishing to go higher can take the railway up to the next stop, Molkenkur. Here, where in earlier times guests partook of a coveted whey cure (Molken-Kur) in the hotel, today’s visitor can enjoy coffee and cake on the spacious, sunny terrace looking onto the town. While the lower funicular presents its streamlined form in dynamic silver grey, a change of trains at the Molkenkur station propels you into nostalgia. From here onward, the historic original car designed of venerable wood in 1907, and completely restored in 2005, takes the visitor to the peak of the Königstuhl and the surrounding forests. The spectacular view, from a height of 567 meters or 1,860 feet above sea level, is sublime. From the terrace of the funicular station, the panorama stretches over the entire Rhine-Neckar area to the chain of hills of the Palatinate Wine Route.

Scarcely any other German city of comparable size allows itself such a multifacetted and comprehensive program of cultural events as does Heidelberg. From the international music festival "Heidelberger Frühling" to the summer Castle Festivals and the jazz festival "Enjoy Jazz" – not forgetting the Castle Illuminations in June, July, and September, and as the atmospheric Grande Finale of the year, the magical Christmas Market – Heidelberg offers a plethora of cultural delights the whole year long. In between, such insiders’ tips as the Chanson Festival "schöner lügen", the Heidelberg Bach Week, or the Heidelberg Literature Days, ensure Heidelberg’s enthusiastic residents and visitors an unending source of enrichment and pleasure.
Just as versatile and multifaceted as Heidelberg itself is the immense scope of its culinary possibilities. From the popular student pubs to restaurants that offer authentic palatinate cooking, international specialties, and/or top of the line gastronomy, from early-morning coffee to the midnight hours, the range from which to choose is nothing short of delectable. To name but a few:
Along Hauptstrasse (literally Heidelberg’s "Main Street") and the picturesque lanes of the Old Town, as well as in the adjoining districts of Neuenheim and Handschuhsheim, numerous cafés, each unique and individual in its style and offerings, adorn the streetscene and invite you to enjoy a German tradition: the café break.
Heidelberg is vivacious and full of life, as befits a university town. Nighttime revellers have an endless array of ways and places to congregate, from rustic student pubs to nightclubs, jazz clubs, and music clubs.
To stroll through Heidelberg is a treat, for at every step the sense of history intertwines with the young scene of a university town, and window shopping on cobblestones is a serendipitous mix. Hauptstrasse is Heidelberg’s shopping mile per se: approximately one mile long, Hauptstrasse presents all the names and brands that one expects from a high quality international shopping venue. And the small lanes on either side of Hauptstrasse offer treasures of their own. Unique discoveries await today’s hunters and gatherers at every corner.
Before you start your trip: Perhaps you would like to have additional information or brochures about the city before your trip begins. On our website you can download the latest brochures at your convenience. Individual consultation and information about all accommodations, city tours, and package offers is available free of change from Heidelberg Marketing GmbH: General Informations Tel: +49 6221 58 44 444 [email protected] Accommodation & Package Trips Tel: +49 6221 58 40224 Tel: +49 6221 58 40226 [email protected] Guided Tours Tel: +49 6221 58 40223 Tel: +49 6221 58 40225 [email protected]


The HeidelbergCARD enables you to experience a great number of attractions simply and economically. The HeidelbergCARD is available for a stay of one, two, or four days, and for families for two days. Free benefits with the Card: Castle ticket: With the HeidelbergCARD you receive also the castle ticket. This ticket blends a ride on the funicular and a visit to the castle into one unique experience. Your trip to the castle begins on a relaxed – and environmentally nurturing – note, at the funicular station just off of Corn Market. The castle ticket covers your trip to and from the castle funicular station, on one of the most modern electrically operated city cable cars in Germany, plus entrance to the castle courtyard, the Great Vat building with the largest wooden wine vat in the world, the famous view from the terrace, and the unique German Apothecary Museum. Free travel with the public transport system: The HeidelbergCARD entitles the bearer for the inscribed period of validity to travel with all busses, streetcars and approved trains (with the Deutsche Bahn: RE, RB, and S-Bahn, second class) of the linked transport system VRN in the greater zone of Heidelberg (Zone 125). All variations of the HeidelbergCARD ensure attractive reductions. Whether for guided or non-guided tours, visits to museums, cultural enrichments, restaurants, or shopping – with the HeidelbergCARD, Heidelberg is even more enjoyable! Available in the Tourist Information Centers.

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