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Thanks it its natural surroundings and an abundance of parks, the 'greenest city in Germany' offers an exceptional quality of life with all the benefits of a big city thrown in: while top-ranking events and a formidable range of museums make for a manifold experience of culture and ken, the fantastic selection of shop, restaurants, bars and clubs will guarantee a peep into the local life, and a great night out. While the city's central location and its excellent transport connections allow trips to nearby areas, the main sights – the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, Hannover's adventure zoo or Hannover's State Opera – are well worth seeing. Do also experience the city's rich and versatile music scene, as its history – contributing to the election as an UNESCO world city of music – dates back to the world's first record and the world's first CD, while it today hosts top concerts and other regular events throughout the year. Its outstanding location for business and science attracts both students and employees alike, as internationally acclaimed companies and first-class research institutions work closely together – it is also thanks to this leading status in technology and industry, that Hannover enjoys an international reputation as a trade fair and convention venue.
Hannover boasts a selection of tourist attractions that – from unique sights and activities to relaxing gardens and square – attract numerous visitors throughout the whole year. During the day, you can sail on idyllic Lake Steinhude or ride through a picturesque heartland scenery on the back of a horse, and in the evening, big-city delights can be enjoyed at the opera, at a concert or aa variety show. While its museums cover subjects from history and art to literature and music, the architecture of both the city's centre and the outspread areas is a feast for the eyes that also happens – for both, in- and outside – at the State Opera and the State Theatre, which will try and succeed in alluding your taste.
Hannover delights a huge number of both locals and tourists by hosting mega-events nearly all year long: while traditional funfairs with numerous highlights guarantee a fantastic atmosphere, musical events ranging from an exceptional concert experience to a weekend festival attract crowds of fans from near and far.
Gourmets can undertake a culinary trip around the globe by only experiencing Hannover's cuisine, as specialties from all over the world and the amazing choice between cheerful cafes and bistros, authentic pubs and inns, smart bars and restaurants guarantee something to suit every taste and every budget. The renaissance of regional products is evident in many restaurants, and traditional dishes from Lower Saxony appeal in particular to fans of substantial plain fare.
As all around the globe, the coffee culture does also strike in Germany, and Hannover offers quite a few cafes and shops that will provide you with both best drinks and tasty treats. Take a look around and you will not only spot some typical German delicacies but also international flavours that make for Hannover's intercultural appearance.
Hannover boasts traditional pubs, elegant cocktail bars and clubs playing music of all kind that magnetically pull during the week and at the weekends. As from small clubs to huge dance halls, the city features venue for every taste and every occasion, and during the summertime, cosy beer gardens for taking in the sun.
Hannover is a real shopper's paradise, as the vast selection of shops is ideal for both a lengthy shopping spree and a quick errand. The pedestrian precinct and the different neighbourhoods offer a diverse mix of shops to meet all taste's requirements, while there are attractive and unexpected shopping amenities away from the big city – luckily, many shops and centres do also open on Sundays.
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