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Altenburg is also a town of seven towers, four of which are open to the public and provide excellent views towards Leipzig. The town is known for its cultural programme with over 400 events every year. The former Royal Theatre provides a selection of events from puppets to ballet whilst the castle often hosts music festivals and organ recitals. Altenburg is still a hidden gem of architecture and art. A most astounding variety of buildings from over 1000 years of history compose the lovely old town. The "Rote Spitzen" abbey was founded by Germany’s favourite Emperor Barbarossa in 1182 and built by Italian monks as the first brick towers in Germany! Martin Luther preached in the St. Bartholomew church and Bach played the precious baroque organ in the castle church. The town has Thurgia’s largest tennis centre, zoo and lake. With lots of local colour there is always plenty to do day or night. Shopping and sightseeing are both popular and in the evening there is nothing better than stopping for a beer and have something to eat at one of the many inns in the town. Known for its charm and character the town is very popular with younger and older travellers. Strolling through the old town with its many places and parks is a perfect way of passing a morning or afternoon.
Altenburg is rich in sights and history. Here you can stroll around and look at towers, castle, parks and old buildings. The city also offers many interesting museums and those who are interesting in beer there is Altenburg Brewery and Museum.
Talk to the locals and get along to one of the many local festivals and enjoy some regional fare. German food is always wholesome and there are always plenty of takeaway stalls in the town. Pork is a popular meat as is chicken. Sauerkraut is great with bratwurst and meats. The local specialities include goat cheese, “Mutzbraten” roasted pork chops with a dark coat of herbs, “Rostbrätel” a pork steak with onion sauce and minced potatoes and “Bierfleisch” pork chops sautéed with dark beer.
Altenburg is not a late night town except when there is one of the many shows, special parties, festivals or concerts taking place, however many of the restaurants and bars organize theme evenings, dances or house parties. This is a good opportunity to meet people. Young people often start their evening in Altenburg and move on towards Leipzig or Zwickau.
There are plenty of opportunities for purchasing local wares and beverages together with beers and schnaps at the Brewery Museum.The main shopping area is on and around the five historical marketplaces of the old town and within easy walking distance. Altenburg Liqueur can be obtained in many different varieties from the Distillery. Altenburg mustard comes in more than 150 varieties and is available from the Mustard Shop on Moritzstrasse. Altenburg playing cards and special editions of the “Spielkartenladen” can be found in the Tourist Information in the main market place. This is also the largest souvenir shop with an extensive choice of regional specialities and products such as the famous goat cheese. Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days with farmers bringing their goods to sell. Historical books and antiquities can be purchased in the many little shops on the cobble-stoned streets of old town around the market place. Local pottery can be bought in several workshops in Altenburg and the villages round about.
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