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Deauville is a haven for trend-watchers and lovers of the finer things in life, beaches, casinos, horse racing and couture shopping. Its glamorous old world villas, manors and hotels host many cultural events and festivals throughout the year, most notably a star-studded film festival in September that gives Cannes a run for its money. Deauville’s fashionable avenues and plazas, Ruedes Villas and Place Morny among them, are veritable Meccas for boutique shopping. In the centre are the town’s legendary racetracks, used for equestrian races throughout the year.
Summer is peak season for Deauville, but during the winter, life slows down and much of the action moves to neighbouring Trouville, a few minutes’ walk east. Here you will find a busy fishing port, lively Sunday market and quiet, winding streets full of sublime French charm.
Deauville has no shortage of places to down a pint, linger over a glass of Chardonnay or sip on a smart cocktail. Be sure also to try out neighbouring Trouville, whose enjoyable drinking establishments may be less posh, but no less French. Given the clientele that comes to sojourn in Deauville, it is a little surprise that the town has a superb, non-stop nightlife with dozens of chic and fashionable clubs and music venues. You will be able to find more relaxed places too. Many clubs open at 10 pm and do not close their doors until well past 5 am.
Deauville rivals Paris for ultra-chic designer shopping, featuring some of the fashion world’s most well-known (and highly-priced) brands. The most well-known shops include luxury names like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Cartier, Sonia Rykiel and Dior. There is a reason some people joke that the town’s name should be “Doughville”! In terms of other shopping, Deauville has two other main streets to explore: rue Desiré-le-Hoc and rue Eugène Colas, where a number of small boutiques sell clothing, jewellery and various local French products. The nearby avenue de la République has shops selling antiques, knick-knacks and French delicacies.
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