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Destination Cap d'Agde Mediterranean Cape of Agde Mediterranean Alliance between land and sea Cap of Agde Mediterranean is located In the south of France, in Occitania, a region that enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year; everyone agrees that it is a great holiday destination. It is made up of 3 complimentary seaside resorts:Cape of Agde, Vias and Portiragnes, with fine sand and volcanic beaches, beaches bordered by pine forests, and an authentic hinterland with towns and villages with a well kep heritage, with living tradtions and varied arts and crafts professions. Featuring Pézenas, the town of Molière, Agde, the Ancient Phocaean trading post or Montagnac, the great mediaeval fair town. The Canal du Midi is the backbone of the Cap d'Agde Mediterranean passing through it from one end to the other. There are so many entertainment and cultural events on offer that you’ll keep wanting to come back throughout the year. It also offers 20km of coastline, partly wild and partly developed fine sandy beaches, a natural environment made up of parks, pine forests, closely protected marine areas, historical monuments, astonishing heritage, top quality sporting facilities and is a permanent whirl of activity.
Traditional destination

Traditional destination

Agde, a history founded in 580 BC by the Greeks, anchoring the city between maritime trade and fishing. Developing over the centuries, it has left behind strong traditions in the daily life of the inhabitants, with festivities and times of togetherness that you’ll have the joy of sharing with the locals, leaving you with the happy memories! Water jousting tournaments are a fun time when teams of 2 boats and their jousters wearing white clash to the sound of fanfares; the games keep coming all summer at the foot of the cathedral, stopping only in low season. Another event embedded in religious fervour and festivities is the Fête des Pêcheurs (Fishermans’ Celebration) in July, where fishermen, sailors and residents come together with the Belles Agathoises parade in traditional costume. To better understand these maritime roots, be sure to visit the Belvédère de la Criée aux Poissons (the name given to the fish market). At Pézenas, which is so close and unique, UNESCO now protects this "intangible cultural heritage" that is so heart-felt and generously shared by the local residents, making it part of the place's DNA or better yet, its spirit. During your stay, be sure to take part in these seasonal events, which follow the path of the Sun: Nadal, the revival of light just before Christmas on the winter solstice; Carnival, the end of winter with the insolent breath of spring and rising sap; Sant Joan at the triumph of the summer solstice, and Martror, the day of the dead and winter of life accompanied by macabre dances.

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Nestling between the sea and hills, Cap d’Agde and the Val d’Hérault invite you to enjoy some great culinary outings. In the shade of olive groves in charming villages and famous vineyards, gourmets will get to discover the "Wine Growers' and Fishermen's Route", where, in cool cellars, they'll be given the opportunity to taste some excellent vintage wines, the characteristics of which have been forged by the combined qualities of their vines, soils and the Mediterranean climate. Then, in shellfish farms in the Thau basin, they'll be able to taste the sea while enjoying oysters, mussels, clams, razor clams and “violets” fished that very morning. All the pleasures of the Mediterranean Sea on a plate!
Cap d'Agde is one of the brightest stars of the Mediterranean. Whether it's day or night, just follow the rhythm : festivals, music in the squares and on the quays, regattas, tournaments, traditional festivals, show and concert halls, cinemas... For gaming, go to the Cap d'Agde Casino. The bars and discothèques of the Ile des Loisirs, along the quays or beaches offer memorable nights enlivened by the best DJs.
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