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Associated to wine and the pleasures of life like no other city, Bordeaux is the kingdom of the grape. Wine bars, wine merchants and over a hundred winery castles throng all around Bordeaux. Wine is savoured and enjoyed, but is also used for health purposes through wine therapy—a spa treatment using grape extract, said to be beneficial for the body. The beautiful Baroque buildings which were once erected in the city centre to conceal the slums have made Bordeaux famous for its architecture. On top of its historic charm and presence, the city has built a modern character with brand new futuristic buildings, modern transports and a town life becoming trendier everyday. With its well organized river banks, structured squared and pedestrian streets, this city on the Garonne is a pleasure to walk through, whether it is to visit, shop or taste the French gastronomy. In Bordeaux there is always plenty to do and too much to see.
History, sights, landmarks, architecture, arts and tons of activities have turned Bordeaux into a beautiful and exciting city. Consistently renewing itself, for example with the recent construction of the Cité du Vin, Bordeaux is typical and modern at the same time, with sights and entertainment for everyone. One thing is for sure: hold on to your camera, because everything here is highly photogenic.
Bordeaux's cuisine offers as many flavours as its wines, and they are a perfect match for each other. Marry your favorite red or white with one of the city's culinary specialty: lobster, oysters, Pauilla clam, Aquitaine beef, Entrecôte "à la Bordelaise" and the list goes on. If your mouth is not watering yet, step into one of the following restaurants and we guarantee it will.
Whether you want to take a break in-between visits or you feel you might have indulged too much in French wine the night before, there is no bad excuse for a coffee break in Bordeaux. Treat yourself with freshly baked goods and a good old cup of coffee or tea in one of these selected few.
Bordeaux offers many more options than just the wine, and you can find great places for an aperitif, a few tapas of a good cold beer. To continue the night, the city also offers a few options when it comes to cocktail bars and concert halls. Finally for the true night owls, Bordeaux also has two boats hosting bars and clubs!
Wineries, food stores, markets of all kinds, large brands and designer objects can be found when walking in the streets of Bordeaux. The variety is huge and every shopper can find what they are looking for. Markets are also a great place to have a bite and a walk, and second-hand in big in Bordeaux. Here is a non exhaustive list of the shops you could visit in the city.
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