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Bergerac is a small modern city that celebrates its long history. The picturesque old town is full of medieval half-timbered houses, elegant 17th-century houses and the city’s largest square, Pélissière Place. And do not forget the picturesque Dordogne river that flows peacefully through the city. A gentle walk around the city will reveal interesting museums and other tourist attractions like the statue of Cyrano de Bergerac, the hero of Edmond Rostand’s famous comedy, and there are also plenty of street markets buzzing with activity. Then, of course, there are Bergerac’s restaurants, which come to life in the evenings. It is possible to enjoy the finest truffles or wild boar with one of Bergerac’s world famous wines, including its Monbazillac and Côtes de Bergerac.
There is so much to discover in this small picturesque town. There are plenty of historical buildings to explore such as Château De Lanquais and Château De Monbazillac. A gentle walk around the city will also reveal Romanesque churches and interesting museums, such as the Musée du Tabac and the Maison des Vins. Venture further afield to take in the beautiful Dordogne countryside.
Eating out in Bergerac is not so much a special occasion as a necessity. It is renowned for its dedication to gastronomy. Numerous restaurants, cafés and crêperies serve everything from flavoursome light meals to glorious presentations of several courses – accompanied, of course, by some of the world’s finest wines. Look out for tourins – a local speciality soup – truffles and foie gras. The area is known for its wild boar, partridge, hare, quail, duck, geese and trout, all of which will feature on almost all restaurant menus.
Sit back and relax at one of Bergerac's cosy cafés with a cup of coffee and tasty dessert. Make sure to try a delicious crepe before you leave. Also take the chance to try and take home some local teas.
The bars in Bergerac are varied from cosy, atmospheric little venues with memorabilia of its wine-making history to the ultra-modern styles that are now emerging. All tend to be lively. Bergerac does have a couple of nightclubs for those seeking a hectic nightlife, and one cinema, the Cinema le Cyrano, but most of its evening entertainment focuses around its restaurants.
While Bergerac has lots of little specialty shops where locals and tourists alike can find designer fashions, china, glassware, jewellery and perfumes, the city revolves around its food and wines. Visit some of the local 'caves' to sample some local delicacies and vintages before choosing one to take home with you.
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