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Tampere has a lot to offer the traveller with its many shops and cultural areas. A good place to start your journey is around the Finlayson Cotton Mill. This part of the city has museums, a church, two floors of shops, restaurants and exhibitions. Watery connections include the Tammerkoski Rapids which divide the city and provide a great place for a stroll or chance to explore the many wonderful bridges. For nature lovers there are Pyynikki and Kauppi, green areas within the city that allow you to relax and enjoy the outdoor life just like a true Finn. Shopaholics do not need to fear, for Tampere has a wide range of retail outlets including the department stores Sokos and Stockmanns. Also within the city is one of the largest market halls in the Nordic region. Here in a 100 year old building you can buy some of the freshest delicacies available including the famous Tampere black sausage and tasty rievä, the local yeast bread. This is a great place to buy souvenirs of your trip and a chance to try some of the famous cloudberries.
The largest inland city of Finland has a lot to offer. In Tampere you can enjoy everything from breathtaking sceneries of the lake and forests to culture, shopping and eating.
Tampere is famous for its black sausage (mustamakkara) eaten with lingonberries, you can also enjoy plenty of fish from the local lakes or try pyttipannu, a tasty stir-fry. The locals say that the sausage tastes best with a mixture of milk and cranberry jam!
The best place in Tampere for bars is along the Hämeenkatu. Tampere has a lively bar and club scene due to the University and large number of young people in the vicinity.
There are plenty of shopping malls in the city together with department stores that fill all your needs. Stores and boutiques can be found everywhere as Finns are into shopping in a big way. They have an excellent sense of design and the locally developed products are well made, very slick and trendy.
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