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Star time - We collect starry moments in Randers. Moments where you can take a deep breath and hope that time stands still so that the experience will last. During those moments, we could perhaps be each other’s stars! In Randers it is often star time. The music theatre, Værket, offers Danish and international star acts. The art museum, Randers Kunstmuseum, includes Danish artists of international calibre and in Museum Østjylland you can see several Rembrandt etchings. When the sports clubs Randers FC and Randers HK enter the field, the names of the players are known to every junior soccer and handball player. Art and culture any time - Randers is for art lovers and those who are interested in history. Museums, galleries, and sculptures challenge anybody who loves art. The art museum Randers Kunstmuseum offers an inspiring collection of art. In the culture house, Kulturhuset, you will find Museum Østjylland where the interesting and interactive exhibition “Middelalderens mennesker” (Mediaeval people) is worth a visit. In Håndværksmuseet Kejsergaarden you can visit 23 complete workshops which tell about the old crafts of the market town. Summer time - We make an extra effort to make it great fun for guests in Randers during the summer time. The programme Levende Sommer (Living Summer) in Randers offers a true cornucopia of entertainment and activities for the whole family. Have a seat in the cosy squares, enjoy an ice cream, the music and the fun of the fair. The nature surrounding Randers offers endless possibilities for activities on or near the fjord. Try hiking in the beautiful landscape, take a quiet bike ride to the small villages around Randers or pack a delicious picnic basket and have nature and culture experiences at a close range. When the time stands still - The nature around Randers offers historic and peaceful hiking tours. Here you can lose yourself in thoughts on an early morning at sunrise in the game reserve Sødring Vildtreservat which is situated where the fjord flows into the Kattegat. Christmas time - The small cobblestone streets, old houses, small alleys and cosy shop windows in the old centre of the town are beautifully and nostalgically decorated for Christmas. A time for twoBook a time in your calendar for a weekend for two. Go to Randers and spend an eventful weekend. Delicious food, a cosy shopping tour, a short visit to a café, a concert or a theatre experience or simply a relaxing walk in the surroundings of Randers! See the possibilities and offers on
There is a wide range of exciting and festive events in Randers throughout the year. Whether you are into music, theatre, sport or other cultural activities this is where it’s at.
Randers is a charming old town dating from the Middle Ages, and it has many cosy cafés and inns where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or a simple, rich cup of coffee.
Shopping is fantastic in Randers, with its streets and old houses dating from the Middle Ages mixed in with new modern buildings. The number of small, cosy specialist shops leaps to the eye, selling among other things food, fashion, jeweler, and home goods. To this should be added the large selection of chain stores – a whole shopping center with 56 specialist shops only 5 minutes from the town center has all that the heart desires, and a little more. The service is personal and characterized by high professional insight and pride. Randers Storcenter and Randers Cityforening organize an impressive entertainment program to accompany the shopping experience.
Randers has a bustling night life which thrives in the entertainment street where there are many restaurants, discotheques and bars. The town is simply teeming with life at night, and relaxing with a drink and great conversation is the best way to experience Randers at night with the locals.
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