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The Pafos region of Cyprus boasts many treasures, beautiful scenery, dazzling churches their altars glittering with ancient hand painted icons and with walls filled with unique frescoes, we have perfect beaches, excellent eateries, sparkling clear blue sea, and an archaeological heritage so impressive that UNESCO has given us the status of being a National Heritage Centre. Hospitality is the first word that comes into the visitors mind when visiting the island during any season of the year, for the people of Pafos owe their individuality and warmth to the fact that they are the product of an amazingly colourful history, with the town of Pafos having been at the crossroads of world events for centuries with Roman, Byzantine, Greek and British influences all having made a bearing on life in Pafos. This is why Paphians have a special knack of making visitors feel at home as soon as they step off the plane, for that warm welcome, plus the unhurried pace of daily life, makes this region of the island an instant favourite for all who come here. There are sophisticated five star hotels, wonderfully comfortable family hotels, environmentally friendly countryside rentals, and yet a short distance from the main town into the countryside visitors can feel as if they have stepped back into a previous century, to a time when people pursued simpler pleasures. Drop into any country tavern, or join the locals at the town market and you will feel the atmosphere of a way of life that has remained essentially the same for centuries. Here, family and friends gather to eat and drink and you will see how important a lust for life is in this enchanted region of Cyprus. We sincerely hope during your stay with us, you will get to know the people and learn the true meaning of the word hospitality. Many changes have taken place over the centuries with Pafos once holding the title of the Capital city, then it lost that status and returned to being a sleepy fishing village, but over the past 30 years the town and its region has become a first class holiday resort. The positive changes that have taken place have been duly recognised, with visitors now able to look forward to also visiting Pafos during its tenure as European Cultural Capital 2017. The town will host twelve months of culture in all shapes and forms, which will surely delight all our visitors both young and old. As you are here for only a limited period, we do want you to make the very best of that time in between chilling out at the beach, so we have put together some activities and places of interest that will both entertain, and at the same time give you a feel for what is available to make your holiday here even more enjoyable. The Pafos Region web site goes into much more detail regarding our archaeological treasures, suggestions for trips, and other activities and we suggest you click on to the site and get to know even more about what is on offer both during summer and winter months as Pafos is a place to enjoy ‘for all seasons’.
The dream became reality Pafos, the Capital of Cyprus at Ancient times and the EU capital of Culture in 2017, is a well-known international tourism destination. Pafos has managed to achieve the most visionary, the most ambitious goal in its modern history; the title of European Capital of Culture in 2017. During the Journey of EU Capital of Culture 2017 was proud of great achievements. Not only additional thousands of visitors from all over Europe already visited the area but also the creation of modern infrastructure city has ameliorated the image and the aesthetics of the city. Pafos can now consider as a modern and well developed city. By making the most of the ECoC programme, Pafos turned over a new page, entered a new era and repeated the benefits throughout all sectors. By gaining the title, Pafos, like every city which receives this title, became the centre of European cultural creative activity for the 2017 which also helped the bonds with other European countries have been enhanced and will be even more enhanced in the near future. Furthermore, Pafos region will be better known in Europe, thus it will gain further recognition from other countries as well. The main achievement was the rebirth of the city for the benefit of the present generation and future ones. Learn more at
The Region boasts over 50km of coast with a total of 27 beaches and Blue Flag awards have been given to around 12 of these beaches with the Gold award being awarded to the Pafos coastal zone. The sea is a wonderful playground for all ages, whether it’s just a gentle paddle on a daily basis or a keep fit practice, a wonderful underwater adventure zone for divers, or a way to relax just snoozing off ones breakfast lounging aboard a tour boat, or aboard your own hired sail boat, or perhaps to go fishing for Tuna with our fishing Captain when they are in season. All these water based activities are on offer to the visitor with our recommended Dive centre CYDIVE also here to re introduce professional divers to the region, and introduce youngsters to the delights of snorkelling with their Bubble machine classes, as well as giving daily introductory classes for adults. Our sea temperatures range from 27-16C which gives a good long dive season, so one can adventure through underwater caves, spot turtles, and keep an eye out for the many ancient remains that still lie at rest beneath the waves. There is also a man made water park which delivers a fun filled action day out for all the family. A visit down to the harbour will also give you a choice of other sea going activities such as a trip on a replica galleon know as the Pirate ship. There will also be thrill rides aboard various crafts, a more gentle and romantic moonlight wine and dine dinner cruise, and everything from banana rides to rubber inflatable’s that take to the air, also sea parachuting where you can fly above the waves and ponder from above what exciting fun sea activity you will try next? Will it be water skiing? If so, then the sea conditions here are picture perfect for this popular sport. Highly recommended a cruise from Latchi harbour, a lovely relaxing boat trip around one of our most beautiful coastal areas and always with a traditional lunch served to guests whilst anchored, and to also relish a pre lunch swim in the crystal clear turquoise hued waters of the Blue lagoon.


Ideal sea temperatures, clear waters and rich coastal reefs Paphos is located in the west of Cyprus and is one of the main diving hubs of the country. Cyprus lies in the crossroads of three continents which gives the country its unique atmosphere of east meets west. Clear seas and warm waters make Pafos ideal for diving. Sea temperatures around the island range from 27 to 16 ºC, resulting in one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean, while the absence of plankton makes for great visibility. The underwater coastal reefs teem with a wide variety of colourful fish, sponges, coral, sea anemones, octopus, mussels and the ubiquitous sea urchin providing a spectacular picture. Sea turtles can be spotted regularly, thanks to a turtle conservation project that has increased their numbers around the island considerably. Spectacular underwater caves and tunnels and a number of interesting paths are just waiting to be explored, while the remains of ancient amphora and stone anchors make it a veritable adventure. Akamas National Park lies 12km west of Paphos and is home to some excellent dive sites with lots of marine life. The whole area is a marine park so is a protected area from fishing which is why the marine life here is so abundant compared to the Cyprus reefs just a short distance away. St Georges Island in the Akamas is one of the only deep wall dives in the area and caters for all levels of experience. As you are swimming along the wall its worth taking time to explore any recesses and overhangs for the marine life hiding there and see if you can find a hidden octopus or tiny critters such as colourful nudibranchs. Another site in the Akamas is Lara Valley which offers overhangs, crevasses and if you are lucky there is a chance of even spotting a turtle around here during the breeding season. Nearer to Paphos one relatively easy but stunning underwater geological feature is the Amphitheatre which is a naturally formed amphitheatre at the shallow 9-12m. The shallow depth and rock formation create some very pretty light effects and is a great spot for photographs. Open water (OW) qualification required. Access is from the shore just past the headland at Coral Bay, a short walk down the rocks. This is a particularly popular dive, ranging from 4 metres to some 12 metres. It takes its name from the natural formation resembling an amphitheatre that was cut out of the rock by sea currents. Besides the magnificent rock formations, there is an abundance of marine life to admire, including groupers, eels and cuttlefish. Last but not list divers can experience the unique Amphorae Caves. A famous dive to a depth up to 12 meters. There are some caves to explore, including one with the top-encrusted amphorae. A team of American archaeologists who investigated this region feel that this was created by movements in the sea over the past two thousand years

Pafos has something for everyone, whether you are a sun seeker, explorer or someone looking for a relaxing holiday with great scenery. There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful part of Cyprus.
Rural Pafos

Rural Pafos

Pafos is where Aphrodite emerged from the gentle waves on the island’s south western coast, and made her home in this region. Pafos itself is a leading cultural centre of the Mediterranean, with fascinating archaeological sites, museums and more. In the nearby Akamas Peninsula and inland region there are beautiful monasteries, picturesque villages such as Neo Chorio and nature trails. Further north near the Akamas peninsula and the Baths of Aphrodite lies the resort-town of Polis, overlooking the beautiful Chrysochou Bay with its charming fishing refuge of Latsi. The relatively unspoilt state of the countryside and villages make the area a real delight for the walker and naturalist. East of Polis you come across such villages as Pomos and Pyrgos that lie on beautiful rocky cliffs and rocky beaches. Rural Pafos is a destination that combines ideal weather conditions, diverse accommodation and catering facilities that are in operation all year round, beautiful country side, historical sights, cultural activities, Byzantine treasures, natural wilderness, picturesque village and more. The region is easily accessible from other local cities with good road network as well as good air connections from many European cities. The long and stormy history of Pafos is as interesting as its scenery. The natural beauties, the rich flora, the fertile land, the picturesque mountain and hill villages, the living legends, the traditional products, the folk art and handicraft and above all the simple, warm and hospitable people. All these compose the portrait of Pafos, a region with “a good reason for all seasons”. Spring and summer are ideal times of the year to visit archaeological sites, relax in the countryside, experience unique cultural events such as fairs associated with local products, taste traditional food with seasonal produce, or explore nature. Pafos is a paradise for nature lovers, birdwatchers and botanist. In addition this time of the year is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and a whole range of water sports from scuba diving to sailing. Fall and winter bring the possibility of rain but still an average of six hours bright sunshine a day. At this time, the countryside changes colour and the vineyards take on gold. Inland excursions, visits heritage sites, museums and handicrafts, practice cycling, trekking, hiking or explore and experience first hand the village life is what is highly recommended and not to be missed. Diverse accommodation and catering facilities that are in operation all year round, easy accessibility from other local cities, good road network as well as good air connections with the most European cities, all contributing to a unique destination with distinctive characteristics and an ideal region to experience all year round.

Cyprus cuisine is mainly Mediterranean with lots of fresh vegetable, fresh fish and special meat dishes. The element that characterizes the Cypriot cuisine is the freshness and the variety of dishes that you will find. The Cypriot cuisine due to its Greek and Middle East influences offer some unique dishes and culinary experiences. Among the dishes you would expect to be served in most of the Cypriot restaurants are meat of fish based meze, afelia, sheftalia, koupepia, stifado, kleftico, loukanika, lountza and halloumi cheese. However, Cyprus being a Mediterranean island has a lot of fresh fish dishes to offer. In Pafos you can also enjoy International cuisines from Asian, to European and Middle eastern.

Loukoumi Geroskipou

History The history of the Loukoumi Geroskipou and Koufeta Amygdalou Geroskipou begins in 1895. Throughout the years and the standing of time, the products’ reputation surpassed the Cypriot boundaries and are now exported to many countries worldwide while visitors to Geroskipou and Paphos always seek to buy the products to take back home with them. More importantly, they are the first products to be granted the protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Union and so the Loukoumi Geroskipou and Koufetta Amygdalou Geroskipou are now recognized worldwide and heavily promoted by the European Union. Loukoumi Geroskipou The Loukoumi Geroskipou is a confectionary product with sugar being its main ingredient. It has a jello texture, intense sweet taste and it is shaped small cubes. The product is offered in various flavours and packages which vary according to the added aroma. It is offered covered with icing sugar or desiccated coconut topping. Nuts, or/and honey, or/and bitter chocolate can be added to the product during production. The difference between Loukoumi Geroskipou from other similar products with other names is its vigour, elasticity and reduced sweetness. Also no glucose or gelatine are used in the production of the Loukoumi Geroskipou. It is mainly served as a dessert, coffee accompaniment, wedding treat or as a treat in various events. Koufetta Amygdalou Geroskipou The second Cypriot Product after Loukoumi Geroskipou to be awarded with PGI. Fresh locally grown almonds are roasted before they are slowly covered with sugar syrup, resulting in a soft shell that simply melts in your mouth.

Enjoying a coffee or a refreshing drink outdoors, almost at any time of the day. Enjoy it on the beach, by the old Pafos harbour, in the Pafos city centre or in neighbouring villages.
Pafos has plenty of nightlife both in the Centre and in Kato Pafos. There is a whole area in Kato Pafos dedicated to bars, pubs, clubs and night entertainment. It is great and safe for all ages. Pafos bars and pubs tend to close around 2.00am whilst nightclubs and discos stay open till early morning hours.
Pafos offers a wide range of cultural events and performances throughout the year. Classical music, opera, both ancient and modern theatre, concerts, dancing shows, village fiestas and much more. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy all different fiestas and events, organised and celebrated in Pafos towns and villages. No matter the time, Pafos will never cease to amaze you with its festivals and events. If you happen to be in Pafos in September do not miss the Pafos Aphrodite Festival which every year stages international acclaimed operas in front of the medieval castle.


Weaving programme 11th 12th 13th May Attend an illustrated lecture on the weaving tradition by textile researcher Julia Astreou at the Cultural Centre. The lecture at 6.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday will be in Greek, with a written English translation. A special, all-English lecture will be held at 5.30pm on Saturday (and at another time by arrangement). In addition to the weaving, stalls will sell traditional local fare. Two establishments, offering food and/or refreshment, will be open until late (for groups, advance booking is recommended. Pefkos 99460523, Fyti 99647024). Any group interested in a free, short guided tour and explanation of the village architecture should call the Laona Foundation (Greek and English spoken) at 25 358632 before Wednesday, 9th May. Venue: Fyti Village Time: 6.30 p.m. Organizer: Fyti Community/Laona Foundation Tel: +35799460523 / +35799647024 Anthestiria Flower Festival 13th May In May, Pafos welcomes the arrival of spring with the Anthestiria or Flower Festival. To demonstrate a glimpse of nature's beauty, a parade of flowers floats and people carrying fresh flowers. In historical and mythological context, this festival is inspired by an ancient Athenian festival that was held every four years to honour the God of theatre and parties; Dionysus. Similar to early feasts, the modern-day Anthestiria festival also has a theme. The word Anthestiria is derived from the word 'anthos' meaning flower and the festival is organized to celebrate the rebirth of man and nature. Venue: Kato Pafos Time: Not Finalised Organizer: Pafos Municipality Tel: +357 26822854 Festival of the Flood 26th, 27th, 28th May Staging concerts and games near the waterfront, with stalls selling typical Cypriot foods and sweets. The celebrations include folk dancing, singing, swimming competitions, and boat races. Venue: Pafos Harbour, Kato Pafos Time: Not Finalised Yet Organizer: Pafos Municipality Tel: +357 26822854


18th International Pharos Chamber Music Festival 31st May – 4th June 2018/ Royal Manor House – Kouklia Acknowledged all over the world as Cyprus’ most important annual classical music event, the International Pharos Chamber Music Festival is also recognised as one of Europe's preeminent music festivals, having gained an unequalled reputation for the quality of its concerts as well as its enchanting atmosphere and settings. Inaugurated 18 years ago, the Pharos Festival was the first festival of chamber music to be established in Cyprus and it has so far attracted numerous of the world’s finest and most celebrated musicians, while it has garnered thousands of enthusiastic music lovers from all over the world, who visit the island especially to be part of this exceptionally uplifting music experience. The International Pharos Chamber Music Festival also maintains a strong tradition of community service, having made chamber music more accessible to the general public and giving the unique opportunity to students of public schools, as well as young instrumentalists from all over the world, to benefit through its educational activities. Venue: Royal Manor House/Kouklia Time: 08.30 p.m Entrance: €15/€10 Organizer: Pharos Art Foundation Tel: +35722663871 International Food Festival 16th-17th June CIFF2018Pafos in collaboration with the Municipality of Pafos will host vendors with street food from around the world at the spectacular Pafos Castle. CIFF 2018 offers a wonderful opportunity to court and cultivate a demographic of local and international, savvy food and wine enthusiasts, by focusing on cultural diversity while simultaneously fulfilling a commitment to use local services and products to produce the festival. This year, the Junior Chef Award launches giving young chefs between 16 – 23 an opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity and speed in preparing healthy and nutritious food. Venue: Pafos Castle Time: 05.00 p.m – 11.30 p.m Entrance: Free Organizer: CIFF2018Pafos / Municipality of Pafos The Famous Cypriot Singer Alkinoos Ioannidis with his band 17th June A month after the end of his European tour, Alkinoos Ioannides returns to Cyprus for his well-established summer concerts. Venue: Pafos Ancient Odeon Time: 21.00 Entrance: €25 / €20 (presale) Organizer: Cyprus Events Tel: +35726949522


Wednesday, August 1st Time: 23.00-04.30 George Sabanis live at Summer Club in Paphos! The favorite singer comes for a unique musical evening with his great hits and not only. For more info and reservations call: +35799250067 Summer Club Yeroskipou Beach Yeroskipou, Paphos Cyprus Email: [email protected] Phone: 70000801 Thursday, 2nd – Saturday, 4th Time: 21.00 Cost:€15/€12 The G&N Make It Productions presents the comedy by the famous Greek writer duo Reppas-Papathanasiou “Baba au Rhum” (Mpampades me roumi) Tala Amphitheatre Phone:77777040 Friday, August 3rd Time: 20.30 Cost: €25/€10 Russian Ballet Moscow in collaboration with Italian Ballet Company invites you to the ballet ‘Solomon & Sulamith’ based on a story by Alexander Kuprin. Paphos Ancient Odeon Monday, August 6th Time: 21.00 Live music with Marios Chatzioannou For more infro call: 0035726321321 Polis Chrysoschous Square Tuesday, August 7th Time: 20.30 On the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the birth of the great greek political cartoonist, playwright, lyricist and painter Mentis Bostantzoglou, ETHAL presents this summer his comedy entitled “Romeo and Juliet” directed by Kostas Silvestros. (in Greek) Paphos Ancient Odeon Friday, August 10th Time: 20.30 Theatrical Show For more info call:+35726321321 Agios Andronikos Park (Opposite Polis Chrysochous Municipality) Monday, August 13th Time: TBA Challoumi Festival For more info call: 0035726321321 Drousia’s Primaty School Tuesday, August 14th Time: 21.00 Cost: €10 Festival Foinikas Agias Marinas Chrysochous with the famous Greek Singer Vasilis Terlegkas Agias Marinas Chrysochous Community Park Jazz Festival 17th, 18th August Paradise Jazz Festival is a beloved cultural event which takes place every summer at the beautiful Pomos village in Pafos, since 1999.A festival for music and landscape lovers. Venue: Paradise Place, Pomos, Pafos Time: 21:00 Organizer: Paradise Place Phone: +357 26342537


The 14th edition of the Cyprus International 4-Day Challenge 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th November Starting on 22/11 with a 6k time trial, on asphalt, runners set off in 10 second intervals and run against the clock and finishes in front of a lovely view of a ship wreck. On the second day, 23/11 mountain running “lovers” will enjoy a trail run in a distance of 11k. The race starts just after the white river in the AKAMAS Nature Reserve and finishes by the beautiful village square / church of Pano Arodes. The hill run starts by the sea and runs immediately uphill and continues as a steady climb for 6km. The first 4km are rocky up to an old barn building where the drink station is positioned; from there the path becomes smoother. At 6km there is a fairly steep descent for 1km before climbing again, with a short steep uphill around 9km. Approaching Pano Arodes it levels off and goes slightly downhill until the 500m climb up through the village to finish in the pretty church square. On the third day 24/11, competitors will be challenged through some extremely picturesque routes. The start is in the town square of Neo Chorio and continues out of the town through a narrow up hill street and out into the olive fields. The route climbs gently on a concrete road up to Smiglies picnic site where it turns into a jeep trail and climbs more steeply to drink station at 4km. From here it drops steeply on a wide trail with many switchback bends until reaching the coast road at 9km. From here the route is on a wide jeep track that undulates up and down some coastal bays until it passes Lara Bay. From here it is flat and partially downhill to finish on the beach, where you will finish with a ‘splash’. * race is also open to running not participating in the full 4 day challenge On the last day, 25/11 and after having completed the half marathon, which by most is characterised as the highlight of the event, we leave mountain “climbing” and trail runs behind us and head for the city of Pafos, where runners compete in the fairly flat 10k Pafos City Run. Despite not being a cross country run, the 10k Pafos City Run remains an equally beautiful event that starts and finishes at the Pafos Castle by the small fishing harbour. The race is also open to participants not running the full Cyprus challenge. Beer, music and of course the joy and pride of having finished 4 tough days during which runners were challenged through cross country routes as well as asphalted roads in a combination of mountain running and trail running, create a lovely partying atmosphere at the finish of the 10k Pafos City Run. The event comes to an end with a “grant” gala dinner where all prizes are awarded. During the ceremony, photos as well as video clips are played making the cross country running challenges faced the previous four days during the mountain runs and the trail runs, a sweet memory to be proud of. If you wish to take on the Challenge, be part of the 2018 Cyprus International 4-day Challenge and test your strengths in an event that combines cross country running, mountain running, trail running, a trail half marathon, as well as a fast 10k City run, we would be more than happy to welcome you to lovely Cyprus!!! Venue: Pafos area Time: Not Finalised Yet Organizer: ARENA SPORTS Tel: +357 26 880877/878

Pafos offers a lot of locally produced items include ceramics and pottery, leather goods, woven goods, and regional wines. You can find them in sovereign shops or in the Pafos municipal Market which is located in the Pafos centre. Nevertheless, Pafos offers several shopping centres, retail shops that stocks well known international brands for clothing, shoes, imported textiles, optical goods, jewelleries and souvenirs at competitive prices.
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