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Split is the second largest city in Croatia. It is a dynamic and vibrant holiday resort that turns into life over the lively summer season. Its pulsating heart is concentrated in the compact Old Town, composed of the orderly streets and monuments of the imposing Roman emperor's abode. Just a stone´s throw away from the Palace, Riva, the evocative seafront promenade, runs parallel to the city in a hub of activities that buzzes with life since the early hours – wealthy in shops, cafes and bars, the seafront boardwalk is where both locals and tourists congregate day and night, mingling and mixing. If the city centre and the crowded beaches have become a major draw for tourists, Split peninsula is where serenity reign supreme and a backdrop of Mediterranean flora shapes the atmosphere.
The ancient walls of the Old City encircle squares, crescents and architectural beauties that create a cultural hub for the travellers to discover. Split has a rich history as you will notice when exploring the city. Here you will find historical sites like The Cathedral Of St. Domnius, Pjaca Clock Tower and Diocletian’s Palace to name a few. Split has also a beautiful nature, its crystalline waters, long stretches of white beaches and a green lung embedded in the peninsula are a major draw for nature-lovers, offering hundreds of options for outdoor activities or water-sports. Thanks to its stunning surroundings the captivating city of Split has beautifully developed around tourism, creating a destination where its natural peculiarities have been enhanced by a vibrant atmosphere of bars, restaurants and shops.
Combining the principles of the Dalmatian cuisine with the healthy way of cooking of Mediterranean traditions, Split´s culinary heritage is a perfectly balanced blend of authentic flavours. Its close proximity to the Adriatic Sea makes Split a destination where sampling seafood dishes is a must-do, and indulging on the excellence of traditional delicacies is unmissable. Some of Split’s best restaurants can be found outskirt of the Old Town as well as inside of the Old Town, boasting a fine array of eateries ranging from down-to-earth traditional taverns to upscale restaurants serving fusion cuisine. Some of Split’s best restaurants can be found in the heart of the Old Town as well as the marina, boasting a fine array of eateries ranging from down-to-earth traditional taverns to upscale restaurants serving fusion cuisine.
If you can´t image life without coffee, then you should not worry when travelling to Croatia. Travellers will soon discover the growing amount of cafes dotting the narrow cobbled streets and decorating the ancient squares. Cafeterias is seen as a gathering points in the historical Split and coffee (Kava) is extremely strong and aromatic and will definitely give you some new energy. The trendy Riva and its sweeping view of the sea is certainly a favourite among-coffee lover, treating them with an atmospheric ambiance and delicious coffee, where the lively crowd passes by leisurely and the marine breeze tickles the nostrils. The picturesque alleys that run throughout town are also dotted with quaint cafeterias, embodying perfectly the laid-back lifestyle of the hearty Croatians and reflecting a hospitality culture that dates back in time.
A city with a hectic and dynamic nightlife, Split bars and disco-pubs are lined up down its charming crescents where pub crawling has become a most-loved ritual among the holiday-makers, eager to rub shoulders with Split´s bar scene and cheering with shots of rakija (Croatian brandies). Generally, in the evenings the crowd from the Riva heads towards the Old Town, where the late night ambiance is provided by the crumbling palace and squares. It makes the Old Town a perfect place for a late supper. Split´s city center features some decent clubs and late bar, seeing many of them based within the Old Town. However, the best of the clubs is situated on the outskirts of the holiday resort, where partying lasts till the early hours and fun is guaranteed.
Split has many shops, department stores and a range of small authentic art galleries, souvenir and antique shops in the alleys within the walls of the Palace. In the middle of summer these tiny streets are covered by the shady coolness of the stone walls, making a lengthy shopping trip a pleasure. The spooky basement of the Palace itself has turned into a colourful mixture of souvenirs´ stalls and artworks, displaying its bohemian backdrop from where to catch a glimpse of the city´s historical value and its welcoming approach to tourism.
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