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Life is a journey, and the one who travels lives two lives. The lucky ones will, at least once on that journey, walk through the green hills of Zagorje, which on each step offer piece, intimate contact to the nature and open hands of hospitable and welcoming hosts. Zagorje – the green entrance door of Croatia is the best region suitable for vacation. It is the oasis of preserved nature, clean air, greenery and healthy thermal waters. In the archipelago of picturesque hills lies the whole range of spas, castles and manors, roman roads, agritourisms, museums, churches, and trails for hiking, riding and cycling. The history of the planet is written here, and each visitor can experience it in the unique setting of the Museum of Krapina Neanderthals. And this is not the only time machine, because in near Gornja Stubica in the castle Oršić the Museum of peasant revolts is taking us back to the time of the famous Matija Gubec. The most famous local love story, the legend of Zagorje-Juliet – Veronika Desinićka who was, because of the unhappy love with a noble man, walled up in the walls of the Castle Veliki Tabor. The Big Five of the picturesque thermal Riviera offers in a small area a lot of similarities, but also a lot of local specialities. Thermae Tuhelj are the biggest water planet – modern bathing resort in Our Beautiful Homeland. Only few kilometres further the excellent and internationally proven medical tourist offer has been complemented by the new indoor thermal complex - Aquae Vivae. Not far from Stubičke Toplice there is another little gem of Zagorje thermal Riviera - Thermae Jezerčica.
For the escape from daily routine and obligations we recommend a program, which will fill your batteries. The number of riding terrains in Croatian Zagorje is great, and if you ride into any corner, the experience of landscape beauty, finely ruffled hills with mosaic forests, vineyards, Zagorje villages and fields, partially separated by river valleys, is unspeakable. Picturesque and hilly Croatian Zagorje is suitable for cycling. Zagorje abounds in tourist-recreational cycling routes that are adapted for the widest range of users, with a special accent on recreational cyclists, families with kids and juniors. If you are looking for something different, the greatest pleasure is to watch Zagorje from a balloon or just to come and enjoy a family picnic on a meadow and run barefoot over the mowed fragrant grass.
Every corner of Zagorje and its seven towns is vibrant with various events taking place throughout the year. More informations about events in Krapina Zagorje County you can find on website
Zagorje wine path labyrinth is magical. Unforgettable, because it spreads on top of the hills, with a breath taking view. Inspiring, because it is composed of sunny green vineyards, wooden huts, calloused hands and welcoming smiles. Pleasant, because the wind carries the sounds of domestic songs through the hills. In such labyrinth no one is lost.
We could not consider Zagorje a fairytale if it didn’t have anything to offer to the plates craving for traditional and homemade specialties. And the numerous carefully chosen Zagorje specialties and their tastes and aromas keep reminding us of the time spent in Zagorje. From the Zagorje turkey with mlinci, a traditional dish resembling pasta, to pumpkin pie and zlevanka.
Zagorje offers you an unforgettable shopping experience starting from buying agricultural products on family farms, or buying licitar and wooden toys in small shops and up to buying designer clothing and footwear at Roses Fashion Outlet.
The highest number of thermal sources, which have been turned into bathing resorts with top quality hotels and gastronomic offer, make Zagorje a genuine Croatian Continental Riviera. The therapeutic power of thermal waters and mud abundant with minerals will provide you with an efficient therapeutic effect which was immensely enjoyed by the Romans. Today’s modern man can now, on top of everything else, find the opportunities to relax and enjoy body and beauty treatments in the largest Croatian wellness centres in the thermal resorts located in Zagorje.
The healing properties of water are the foundation of the developed offer of health tourism in Krapina - Zagorje County. High temperature, as well as rich chemical composition give the water great healing powers.
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