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If you are in Brussels for one or two days, proposes a selection of the most visited museums and attractions in the capital of Europe.
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To really get to know Brussels, set out to explore its shops. Here you will find the top of the line, the fun, the creative and the original. Brussels fashion is like the city itself: no fuss. Its creators have an inventive soul. Sablon, Marolles and Matongé; Louise, Dansaert, Châtelain and Neuve, its flagship streets and districts await you with their doors open. And for a sweet finish: don't forget the crunchy pralines, speculaas and cuberdons to take a little taste of Brussels away with you.
For the past century Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings have brightened up the streets of Brussels. The Art Nouveau style was first introduced in Brussels in 1893 when Victor Horta built the Tassel House. This house represents the very first synthesis of Art Nouveau: light, colour, ironwork, mosaics... Architects such as Victor Horta, Paul Hankar and Henry Van de Velde were innovators and created a “total” art style that dominated all art domains until approximately 1914: architecture, furniture, carpets, decorative objects, jewellery, posters... After the First World War, there was a tendency towards more rational trends that gave birth to Art Deco, a style that features geometrical lines and stylised motifs and makes use of both traditional and modern materials.
For the best information on Brussels... is the Brussels tourist agency. Its mission is to bolster and spread the image of the Brussels-Capital Region. wishes to put Brussels on the local and international map as the capital of 500 million Europeans, the "world city" where 180 different nationalities mingle, making Brussels a cosmopolitan place with permanent links to the rest of the world.
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