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Vienna is the capital of Austria as well as its smallest state. The city is located on the Danube in the center of Europe, near the north-eastern extension of the Alps, and a large part of it is surrounded by the Vienna Woods. There are many excellent reasons to travel to Vienna: The city is world-famous for its magnificent imperial heritage, for Schönbrunn Palace, the Belvedere and the Imperial Palace. The city is appreciated around the world for its top-notch music and cultural offerings in concert halls, in museums and on stage – from the large Musikverein Hall to the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts to the Vienna State Opera. And let’s not forget that Vienna is considered the “World's Most Liveable City.” In the 2017 Mercer Study, employees of international companies abroad (expatriates) awarded this distinction to the city on the Danube for the eighth time in a row. Vienna is world-famous as a metropolis for bon vivants and art lovers. The city offers its guests an abundance of unique attractions at any time of the year, which you can incorporate into delightful packages.
Vienna is old, Vienna is new – and so varied: from the magnificent Baroque buildings and“golden” Art Nouveau to the latest architecture. Vienna is a city of beauty and art not just because of the many buildings from the imperial age – there are the museums, collections and artworks of world-class renown. The city draws tourists with its dynamic mix of an imperial-nostalgic flair and an extremely creative cultural scene.
The attitude towards life that tourists look for nowadays is conveyed by the juxtaposition of the traditional, such as the coffee house and wine tavern that radiate Vienna’s sense of appreciative serenity, and the cutting edge, such as internationally renowned events, from the Life Ball to the festival for electronic music. All of this provides an extraordinarily packed program of events the whole year round, and makes the city one of the leading centers of entertainment and culture in Europe. More information on
Vienna has over 100 museums, great architecture in harmony between old and new design, 280 parks and gardens with over 400 species of roses during spring in Volksgarten.
The Viennese still like to celebrate the good old days on a daily basis - e.g. with a hearty “Kaisersemmel” or when enjoying a Kaiserschmarrn dusted with powdered sugar. Viennese cuisine is the only type of cooking in the world that is named after a city. Vienna is also the only metropolis in the world that grows a significant enough amount of wine within city limits to warrant a mention. And the Viennese coffee house is known around the globe for its informal pleasantness, as an oasis of "Gemütlichkeit".
The Viennese coffee house has been an oasis of gemütlichkeit for ages. Since 2011, the traditional Viennese coffee house culture has even been part of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. Traditional cafes entice visitors with a wide variety of coffee drinks, international newspapers and pastry creations. Modern representatives of the genre enrich the tradition with stylish flair.
Top quality dancing and chilling – Vienna’s electronic music scene is, after all, famous around the world. Such a creative musical ambience is an ideal breeding ground for the latest musical creations: clubs such as Flex, Fluc, Rhiz and Pratersauna play electronic music by homegrown musicians who are also causing a sensation on the international scene. The musical styles have never been this diverse. Vienna’s many dance temples are the best venues for non-stop partying.
An original souvenir for friends at home or a pretty memento for yourself: shopping is part of the pleasure of a Vienna vacation. An overview of the city’s most attractive shopping areas, including a few “secret tips.”
Vienna has something to offer. Apart from the “classic” sights, there are many hidden and perhaps unprepossessing places in Vienna. Here are a few secret tips that should definitely be included on a trip to Vienna.
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