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OPERA, THEATRE & CONCERTS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY! The Salzburg Festival is famous all over the world and a highlight in the cultural year every time. Every summer the Salzburg Festival transforms the city of Mozart into a gigantic stage for a number of weeks. On 'first nights' the Hofstallgasse along the front of the main festival hall is packed with luxury limousines and members of high society! A WIDE RANGE OF EVENTS FOR A COLOURFUL FESTIVAL PROGRAMME! Every year the Salzburg Festival stages around 200 events. Several great venues are used to find the best stage for a colourful range of events. Some of the best known venues include the main festival hall, the Felsenreitschule, the House for Mozart and Domplatz square, upon which the famous morality play 'Everyman' is staged. HERBERT VON KARAJAN AND THE SALZBURG FESTIVAL! The era of Herbert von Karajan began in Salzburg in the post-war years. In 1948 he conducted his first operatic production in the city – Gluck’s Orpheus. In 1956 he was appointed artistic director and in 1957 he directed Beethoven’s Fidelio for the first time. In 1960 Herbert von Karajan opened the new main festival hall, heralding the dawn of a new era when he conducted Richard Strauss’s 'Der Rosenkavalier'. Although Karajan was no longer the sole artistic director from autumn 1960 onwards, and was part of a board of directors from 1964, he was still the one pulling all the strings and making the key decisions. He was the very last 'absolutist ruler' as one obituary remarked following his death in 1989. In 1967 he established the Easter Festival, which he managed until his death. Every year he worked on a new operatic production with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, who were made available by the Berlin Senate for the occasion. He also founded the Salzburg Pfingstkonzerte at Whitsuntide.

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