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Koh Samui, or “Samui” for vernacular speakers, is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket and measures 25 kilometres at the widest point. The main road runs along the beautiful coastline and is approximately 51 kilometres long. In contrast to the stunning beaches, the central part of the island consists of a tropical, jungle mountain. The island was inhabited centuries ago by fishermen from China. Today the island is a melting pot of people coming here from all four corners of the world. The island appeals just as much to the mega-rich as the backpackers travelling on a budget. The largest and most popular area is located on the east side of the island and is called Chaweng. Chaweng, the current hub of Koh Samui, is located near the airport and offers beautiful golden sand stretches, bars, restaurants and shops. Nathos is located on the west side of the island and is the old capital of Koh Samui. This is still the main port, business district and the centre of the fishing industry. Two of the other major tourist resorts are Lamai Beach and Bophut Beach.
On Koh Samui you can choose to do nothing or everything. The whole island is perfect for a relaxing holiday on the beach, full of colourful drinks and sun. For the adventurous ones there is a whole island to explore, full of fun, nature, shopping and food.
The beaches on Koh Samui seem to have been taken right out of a travel ad. With all the white sandy beaches and peacefully swaying palm trees found here, your beach experience will be more than satisfying. All around the island you can enjoy water sports, drinks, food, massages and manicures, everything you need for pampering yourself!
Koh Samui is not only a melting pot of people, but also of food. Here you will find just about everything ranging from Thai food and international cuisine to snacks from streets stalls. At Chaweng Beach you can find numerous restaurants. Do not forget to try some of the local food like salted eggs and the tasty fruit rambutan!
Koh Samui is slowly catching up with the western coffee trend, so finding a decent cup of coffee here should not be too hard. If you are craving a snack there will be an abundance of choices. You can easily grab a bite to eat or drink on the beach or from one of the many food stalls.
On Koh Samui you can find some of the best parties in Thailand, Chaweng being the party central. Along the beach road in Chaweng there are many different spots catering to all different tastes. Lamai is a smaller version of Chaweng, also offering numerous bars and discos. You will definitely be spoilt for choice along the main strips wherever you go. Choose between everything from sophisticated restaurants, bars, discos and mud wrestling to the famous Full Moon Party at Kho Phangan!
You can easily find a bargain at Koh Samui! The main areas for shopping are the hub Chaweng, Lamai with its quirky stores and Nathon with some really cheap deals. You will definitely run in to one or two designer copies that are especially popular here. Buying your own tailored suit in Thailand is also very popular, mainly because of the good price but also for the great quality.
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