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To arrive in Bangkok is to be thrust into the pulsing heart of the Orient, a sprawling mega city encompassing 50 districts and six ever-expanding provinces. Truly, the engine room behind ‘Amazing Thailand’, Bangkok will amaze, dazzle and humble the most seasoned global wanderers with its exciting fusion of cultural, spiritual, historical and cosmopolitan charm. Dusit is the political core of Thailand, home to lavish architecture and gardens, while Bangkok’s rustic ‘Old Town’ Rattanakosin holds ‘must see’ sights such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and royal gardens of Sanam Luang. The city throbs and pulses with relentless heat and frantic pace, as tuk-tuks zip along concrete boulevards and Skytrains zoom overhead. Glitzy Siam Square carves the city’s commercial core with an array of shops, malls and boutiques - a true shopper’s paradise. Multicultural Yaowarat and Pahurat provide a feast for the senses, with the cuisine of Chinatown and flurry of Indian markets. Sensational Sukhumvit Road roars at night with fine restaurants, bars and raunchy clubs, while the ever-indelible Khaosan Road area is a delight for budget travellers and revellers alike, buzzing with curbside vendors, stalls and wild nightspots. Known to the Thai’s as ’Krung Thep,’ South East Asia’s own ’City of Angels’ epitomizes the East meets West tradition, where ancient trends blend and thrive with cutting edge sophistication.
With a relentless array of sights, sounds, scents and tastes all immersed in a bevy of hidden treasures, Bangkok has an overwhelming variety of things to discover and absorb.
If nothing else, Bangkok serves as an epicentre of South East Asian culinary sensation, with endless cuisine varieties and flavours to boot. Tantalize your taste buds with a journey thorough Bangkok’s endless flurry of fine restaurants, delectable eateries and simmering roadside food stalls. Comprising the best places to dine with such a short list is an impossible task. However, here’s what each of Bangkok’s main culinary areas have to offer the gastronomic aficionado, with a sneak selection of some of the stand outs:
Well known for its great selection of coffee beans and roasters, Bangkok offers a wide range of cafés. Don't hesitate to take a piece of cake to go with your tea or coffee.
When the sun comes down, Bangkok is well-versed on how to have a seriously good time. A city infamous for its wild nightlife, Bangkok’s bars, clubs, taverns and lounges light up the streets, bustling and bursting with action. Partiers and revellers will rejoice with an abundance of rock pubs, jazz cafés and sleek cocktail bars. Many nightspots have free entrance, though some more popular venues charge a modest entry fee. The city also yields an array of sophisticated entertainment for more refined pleasure seekers, including Broadway-inspired stage shows, traditional performances and night time river cruises.
Have we mentioned that Bangkok is a veritable shoppers’ paradise? You’ll find pretty much everything and anything you could ever want, need or desire in this town - from fashion to electronics, novelties and crafts. Hit up and indulge in Bangkok’s enormous array of modern shopping hubs, contemporary stores, cosmopolitan boutiques and exotic, labyrinthine markets for every conceivable consuming penchant.
Public Transport

Public Transport

The Skytrain (BTS) is an extensive, modern air-conditioned monorail network. It is composed of two lines that reach the popular destinations of Bangkok. One line stretches east to Sukhumvit Soi 77 at the On Nut terminus all the way north to Jatujak Park and the Northern Bus Terminal at the Mo Chit terminus. Its other line runs from National Stadium at MBK Shopping Centre south across to the west side of the Chao Praya River at the Wongwan Yai terminus. Individual ticket fares are available, as well as a continuous top-up card. Tuk Tuk Bangkok’s iconic transport, the three-wheeled mini taxis known as tuk-tuks, are not as common for transport these days. Producing new tuk-tuks has been banned by the government due to the pollution they produce. However, these three-wheeler ‘mobile lawnmowers’ are a true adventure ride. Let your locks flow in the breeze as you absorb the sights, sounds and frenetic chaos of Bangkok’s bustling roads in these hair-raising open-air carts. Price depends on distance, time of day (peak hour afternoons) and the mood of the driver. A common offer by tuk-tuk drivers is a ride around the city for a good price as long as you stop off at an over-priced tailor or jeweller afterward. Be wary of these offers. Bus Bus lines are a very common form of transport for locals getting to work and around the city. For visitors from foreign countries, it is less ideal as the lines follow major traffic arteries that are often clogged with traffic. The bus routes aren’t laid out in English, so find a Thai speaker to help out with getting from here to there. The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority does have a website in English for bus numbers that reach popular tourist attractions. Envisioned as a key rail artery from the city districts to Bangkok’s major airline hub, commercial airport link services connect Suvarnabhumi Airport and Makkasan area in downtown Bangkok. The express service is a 15-minute non-stop journey between the City. Alternatively, the commuter rail service is expected to make stops at eight different stations along the network, connecting with both the subway and Skytrain services. MRT The underground MRT train line runs north to south and covers the eastern edge of the city that the Skytrain doesn’t serve. Its northern terminus is Bang Sue Station in the Northern Bus Terminal/Jatujak Park area. Its southern terminus takes passengers to the edge of Chinatown (Yaowarat) at Hua Lamphong Station.

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