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Doha is an attractive and clean city, home to more than half of the nation's population, as well as the majority of Qatar’s hotels, shopping malls, museums, sporting facilities and other tourist attractions. The city presents a modern face to the world with many traditional and historic features. There is plenty of evidence of Qatar's rapid economic growth in the number of major projects under construction. The center of the city backs the waterfront Corniche, which extends around the length of the semi-circular Doha Bay.
Qatar offers a remarkable variety of culinary options. Many restaurants offer an authentic taste of Arabia and the Middle East cuisine from throughout the region including North Africa, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran. But all the major cuisines of the world are also well represented, from French and Italian to Chinese, Japanese and Indian. Likewise, options range from formal fine dining to relaxed fast food outlets and coffee shops. Many top restaurants can be found in Qatar’s hotels including The Pearl-Qatar, Souq Waqif and Katara Cultural Village. The following selection represents just a small sample of Doha's outstanding restaurant options.
Café culture is alive and well in Doha. One of the most popular leisure pastimes among Qataris and expatriate residents alike is to spend a relaxing hour or two over coffee and maybe a pastry with friends, discussing the issues of the day and putting the world to rights. Why don’t you join them? Here is a small selection of some of the city’s fine range of cafes.
Doha is a shopper’s paradise offering visitors an array of experiences and options, from the comfort and elegance of spacious modern shopping malls to more typically Middle Eastern experience and ambience to be found in the souqs. Why not try both? The malls are ideal for picking out fashion items and international brands at competitive prices. The souqs are perfect for finding regional souvenirs and gift items while enjoying a taste of Qatari street life.
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