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Cochin, also called Kochi, is a famous Indian port city known for its internationally-linked history and culture. Iconic Chinese fishing nets, spice markets and beautiful skyline have made the city a popular destination for tourists, whilst still helping maintain its authenticity. One of the most famous districts of the city is Fort Kochi. It's an island located not far from the coast of Cochin and offers beaches, antique shops and traditional colonial buildings. Another popular area is Ernakulam, the heart of Kochi filled with restaurants, shops, malls and museums. It's also where the business district can be found. Most of Cochin's important landmarks are located in Ernakulam. No matter where you end up in Cochin, you are guaranteed to have a great time and an amazing experience while you explore the city.
No matter the amount of time you allocate to Cochin, you will always have too little. Because of the city's rich historic background, there are plenty of sites, museums and attractions to visit. Take a stroll along the scenic Chinese fishing nets or visit one of the religious buildings. Make sure you don't lose track of time, since there is so much to do and see in Cochin!
It's not difficult to find a good restaurant in Cochin. Even though there are loads of establishments that focus on Indian cuisine, there is also plenty of choice of international restaurants. The state of Kerala (where Cochin is located) also goes by the "Land of Spices", so expect a plethora of pungent scents and flavours.
Whether you are looking for a traditional curry, homemade lassi, or just a good old cup of joe, you will not be disappointed by what Cochin has to offer. The city is filled with cafes which will give you a taste of Indian and international cafe cultures. Locals are also known to have a sweet tooth, so be prepared to not skip on dessert.
What better way is there to end the day than with a drink and some finger food? You will not be disappointed by the bar selection the city has to offer. Piano bars, cocktail lounges, and even a saloon designed in the Wild West theme, you can find all these and so much more in this buzzing city. The bars close on the early side due to existing regulations; most bars close before midnight. Despite this fact, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful evening!
You can definitely shop till you drop in this beautiful town filled with malls, boutiques and quirky shops. There are plenty of shops to discover, ranging from ones selling books to jewellery, clothing, food stuffs - and the list goes on. The city also has several malls selling everything that you could ever dream of.
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