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Located at the south-central section of Shandong Peninsula by the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is an important economic centre and port city. Its hilly landscape between mountains and the sea has given it a perfect setting. The best way to experience this city is to take some comfortable shoes with you and explore each area by foot, whether it is strolling through the huge Zhongshan Park or enjoying the easy sea-side ambience by the Zhanqiao Pier.
Qingdao’s charms lie in both the famous sights and the small details: a century-old florist shop, a corner drugstore or a delicately carved stone doorway, characterized by the statuesque sketching on the time-honoured buildings. The seaside metropolis dazzles equally for its ocean vistas and natural wonders and for the bustling yet easygoing vibe of the city with its many attractions and attractive urban style.
One cannot claim to have tried Qingdao food without sampling the seafood here. The local cuisine features sea food such as sea cucumber, scallop, abalone, whelk, prawn and fish, as well as the farm produce of dried vegetables and mushrooms growing on Laoshan Mountain. The best way to have the fresh marine produce is simply with garlic, vinegar and ginger. Most restaurants in Qingdao stay open until 22:00.
Coffee is probably a more popular drink in Qingdao nowadays than the traditional tea. The Qingdao Coffee and Tea Art Street is lined with coffee shops and teashops, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Qingdao Coffee and Tea Art Street is located at Minjianger Lu, between Minjiang Lu and Zhangzhou Er Lu. There are eight coffee shops on the street and another five off the side streets of Zhangzhou Yi Lu and Zhangzhou Er Lu. Many of the stores, cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques are Korean run, and it is perfect for a stroll, a sip of coffee and some window shopping. You will of course also find coffee shops all around the city and in the shopping malls.
The nightlife in Qingdao is lively and varied, as locals like to take advantage of the city's many bars, KTVs, pubs, tea houses, bowling alleys and malls. Most bars and clubs are open from 21.00 to 03.00.
There are many famous commercial products and souvenirs in Qingdao, such as Tsingtao Beer, Laoshan Mineral Water, Laoshan Tea, Laoshan Cola, Jimo Millet Wine, diamond ornaments, seafood, shell crafts, etc.
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