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The centre of Guilin is around Zhongshan Rd, which extends from the front of Guilin Railway Station northward to Zhengyang Pedestrian St and Cross St, the most bustling commercial area of the urban city. The most famous suburb is Yangshuo, one of the top ten ancient towns of China, which now has become a global village. As the local saying goes, Guilin is truly enriched.
Major attractions in Guilin include the Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven-Star Park and Longsheng terrace fields. The city’s pride is that it is just like a stone museum where amazing geological finds are displayed.
The city’s cuisine is most famous for Guilin rice noodles, which have been the local breakfast staple since the Qin dynasty and are renowned for their delicate taste. Guilin snacks and the use of spices, especially chili, are also well known. The famous Guilin chili sauce, used widely in cooking by locals, is made of fresh chili, garlic and fermented soy beans. The Guilin delicacies generally taste slightly spicy and heavy, since they are influenced by the nearby Guangdong and Hunan Provinces. Most places in Guilin close at 10pm and those in Yangshuo run until 1am.
There are many places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in downtown Guilin, especially in Yangshuo. Every café in Yangshuo is distinct from the others with their unique characteristics, while all of them share one thing in common – they are all full of drawings, messages or scribbles left by the customers in notebooks, on the desks or even on the wall. Internet is available in most of them. Cafés in downtown Guilin usually close at 1.30 am.
The best Guilin bars can be found in West Street, Yangshuo. There are so many of them, all different from the other, and impossible to run through in one go. Most bars and clubs in Yangshuo are open later than the ones in downtown Guilin.
Guilin is a great city for shopping. Shopping places in Guilin are mainly made up of pedestrian streets, night markets, malls and the West Street in Yangshuo. If you are looking for souvenirs and more exclusive items, landscape paintings, the famous painted fans or delicacies like Sanhua Liquor, Fermented Bean Curd, Chili Sauce, Osmanthus tea and sugar and Luohanguo should be on your shopping list as well.
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