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The beating heart of Agadir around which everything revolves is its spectacular crescent shaped bay. The white sandy beach, which stretches as far as the eye can see, provides some of the safest bathing in Morocco and is the daytime destination for most visitors. Whether it is soaking up the sun, taking a camel ride or catching some waves, the beach provides something for all tastes. Tracing the curve of the bay is Boulevard 20 Aout, Agadir’s main thoroughfare along which you will find many of its exclusive hotels and beachside resorts and a host of cafés, bars and restaurants. One block from here, you will find the city's main shopping area, centred on Boulevard Hassan II and Avenue du Prince Moulay Abdullah. Further inland is the area of New Talborjt, where most of Agadir’s budget accommodation is to be found.
To get a taste of the hustle and bustle of old Agadir, head to the port, where you can watch the fishermen bring in the daily catch, head out to the souk and do a spot of bartering, or trek up to the remains of the 16th-century Kasbah and take in the spectacular sights of the bay.
As one of the world’s biggest suppliers of sardines, fish features heavily on the menus of Agadir’s restaurants. From freshly grilled sardines to fish tagine, local cuisine draws its inspiration from the fruits of the sea. There are three main zones when it comes to eating in Agadir: the beach, where many restaurants are located, and you have many different types of food to choose from; New Talbourjt, one of the cheapest areas to go for food; and Uniprix, with restaurants for both tourists and locals.
Agadir’s gastronomic culture is influenced by the need to cater to the many different nationalities that flock to its restaurants and cafés, so you will find food to satisfy all palettes. There is a wide selection of traditional Moroccan cookies and French pastries for anyone with a sweet tooth. Wash it down with a cup of refreshing mint tea or a hot cup of coffee.
After a hard day's lounging on the beach, head into town, enjoy the local cocktails and sample the sights, sounds and smells of the Saharan beat. There is something for everyone who wants to maximise their visit to Agadir: nightclubs, bars and also a casino.
Be it bartering in the bustle of the souk or ambling in the air-conditioned luxury of the stores in the new town, Agadir will cater to your every shopping need. Whether you're looking for hand-crafted ceramics, leather garments, carved figurines or spices for that tagine you’re going to impress the folks back home with, be sure to have hard cash and never to accept the first price.
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