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Sicilian Street Food to Try on Your Holiday

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On your next getaway to the elegant Italian island of Sicily, why not taste your way through each day by trying all of the delicious local street food? To help you with your foodie adventure, this blog post details the best cuisine to sample on your holiday, so that you know exactly what to look out for.

Light Bites

The ideal way to enjoy Sicilian street food is to grab it on the go, munching on your meal as you explore the surrounding area. So, you may only want to pick up a light bite, rather than the whole three courses.

Arancini is a small but classic snack, consisting of deep-fried balls of rice. They are often filled with a ragu-style sauce, but you can also find them stuffed with mozzarella and ham or other ingredients. If you’ve tasted this delicacy in the UK, you’re bound to relish the authentic flavours created in its home country.

Another favourite here, especially in Palermo, is panelle. This is a simple fritter made mostly from chickpea flour, and can be eaten as it comes or in bread, to make a sandwich.

A Sublime Spin on Italian Style

Since Sicily sits just south of the Italian Peninsula, there’s definitely a connection between their cuisine and the famous foods from the mainland. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t a few distinct differences.

This includes one of the most beloved dishes in Italy: pizza. Sfincione is the Sicilian take on this; it’s made with a thick, focaccia-style crust and a tomato sauce. Then, it’s topped with onions, anchovies and herbs. Some like to add a strong cheese, too, while others have none at all.

Depending on the region of Sicily that you’re in, you can find more than one kind of sfincione. For example, in Catania, you’ll usually see scaccia, which looks more like a stuffed flatbread. Thin layers of dough are folded together and filled with different variations of basic ingredients, such as ricotta, onion, and tomato.

Sweet Treats

Rich desserts are another huge part of Sicilian cuisine, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Cannoli is recognised around the world but is strongly associated with this island. This scrumptious pastry is traditionally made from a cylindrical wafer, with a ricotta or chocolate filling. However, you’ll find that there is a wealth of different tasty types and flavours available to try today.

Another popular pudding is cassata, and although it is not technically a street food, you’ll certainly see it on offer in many coffee shops and patisseries. It’s a sponge cake made with fruit juice or liqueur, which is also layered with ricotta (similar to a cannoli). This was typically found in Palermo, but nowadays, you can sample it wherever you are in Sicily.

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