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Nights, Sites and Bites: A Whistle-stop Guide to a Break in Naples

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In a vast, buzzing city such as Naples, the choice of places to eat and drink is overwhelming. That’s before you even start thinking about which magnificent attractions you want to see first. So, we’ve created this quick and easy guide containing our top picks, to ensure that you get the most out of your Naples holiday.

Supreme Sites in the City

If you’ve set aside a good amount of free time, then making your way around Pompeii or climbing nearby Mount Vesuvius are two spectacular ways to spend your day. However, if you choose to remain local, there’s plenty to keep you busy here for the entirety of your stay.

Stroll down the Spaccanapoli; this main street splits the city in two, hence the name’s literal translation to “Naples splitter”. Then, head towards the Duomo di Napoli. Although you’ll uncover remarkable churches on nearly every street corner at this destination, nothing compares to the grandeur you’re met with at this impressive cathedral.

Plus, you can’t miss the dramatic Castel Nuovo, standing tall over the adjacent port. Just imagine the kings and queens of the past who resided there as you pass by, or go inside to look around.

If you find that medieval site fascinating, Castel dell’Ovo is just a 20-minute walk away. It’s situated next to the marina, which houses several quaint sailing boats. This imposing fortress rises out of the sea on a tiny island that’s connected to the mainland by a single footbridge.

The Best Bites for Hungry Travellers

Di Matteo is an unassuming pizzeria in the heart of Naples. This authentic spot was popularised after a visit from Former US President, Bill Clinton, and its food certainly speaks for itself. You can opt to dine in if you wish, but if you’re in a rush, just grab something from its stall and enjoy it as you wander around the narrow streets.

As this is the birthplace of pizza, it wouldn’t be wrong to have one for all three meals in the day. However, if you have had your fill of this delicious delicacy, then there’s no shortage of other delectable cuisines to taste.

Transforming from a fishmonger during the day to a tiny restaurant at night is Pescheria Mattiucci. It’s located in the neighbourhood of Chiaia, which sits on the waterfront. Squeeze yourself onto a stool (it’s bar-style seating) and settle yourself down, ready to try some of the exquisite seafood dishes.

Thrilling Naples Nights

When the sun begins to set, sample a drink or two at Piazza Bellini. This bar-lined square comes to life as it gets later, making it the ideal place to drop by on an evening. You can savour an aperitivo amongst students, visitors and locals alike while gazing at the ruins of the ancient Greek city walls.

Thanks to the fast-paced coffee culture here, many cafés stay open late, meaning you can grab an espresso at almost any time of the day. Sip at the bar or “al volo” (on the move) like the locals, before setting off to your next destination. Pair it with a tasty takeaway scoop of ice cream, and relish every bite as you continue exploring the city after dark.

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